10 Best Ways To Crawl & Index Your Websites Quick

By | May 2, 2019

It is every webmaster’s dream to be on Big G’s first page. How to get there and quick has always been the problem for many. – 10 Best Ways To Crawl & Index Your Websites Quick

Even though indexing your websites in search engines doesn’t guarantee you will land on the first page of the search engine, but it’s an initial step to get there. Getting your site indexed means you’re on track and ready to reach the first page any moment.

Since index websites in the various search engines have never been an easy job, we are providing you with 10 Best Ways To Crawl & Index Your Websites Quick In Search Engines. This will make your website/blog easily found by the search-bot spiders.

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10 Best Ways To Crawl & Index Your Websites Quick In Search Engines

1. Submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)

One of the best and most efficient ways to get search engines to crawl your website(s) quicker is by submitting your sitemap in the search engines’ Webmaster Tools. This tells the search engines that there are new pages and posts on your website(s) that need to be crawled and indexed.

2. Submit Your URL Directly to Search Engines.

Many search engines have the option which allows you to directly submit your websites’ URL in them to be indexed. This very effective since the URL is crawled the seconds after it has been submitted. Bing Webmaster Tool still offers this option whiles Google Search Console you can use the Inspect URL option to perform the same function.

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3. Link to Older Pages That Are Already Ranking Pages.

Linking building is another effective way to get ranked easily but you can’t get rank when the search engines haven’t crawled your website yet. Building great quality links by reaching out to other websites, writing guest posts, and writing quality content is an advantage. The best part about link building is that when you link to an old page that is already ranking in search engines, your websites’ URL is easily found by the search bot spiders. This encourages quick indexation by the search engines.

4. Get Top Influencer Sites to Link to Your page: The Skyscraper Technique Makes It Easier

We talked about linking to old ranking pages in the previous option as an advantage to getting your website crawled quickly and index. By now I hope you have realized the importance of building links. Don’t build links to just any website just because you need backlinks. When building links, get other quality sites and influencers to link to your website/page this will tell the search engine how relevant your website is as it is associated with high-quality relevant content websites. As such, the search engines will prioritize the crawling and indexation of your page. You can easily achieve this by using Brian Dean’s SEO SkyScraper Technique.

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5. Create A Blog On Your Websites And Publish Frequently.

It has been observed that websites with blogs get an average of 434% more indexed pages. Create a blog on your website and make sure you update it frequently with quality content. This way you can easily be ignored by the search engines, anytime the “spiders” go through your sitemap they will find new links to update regularly. This is an easy way to build site authority and in turn, get pages indexed faster.

6. Create an RSS Feed for Your Website

When your setup an RSS Feed for your website, it does not only get your website easily crawled but also gets you a lot of readers as many people will be reading your website’s content by using an RSS feed reader. Once you create an RSS Feed, it would automatically update. This is just another effortless way of telling search engines there’s something new on your website that needs their attention.

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7. Write Guest Post On Influential Website

By writing, guest posts on influential websites on your niche, you can link back to your website. This will increase both your Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). If you write quality guest posts on influential websites like HubSpot and Quora, you can get backlinks that will help rank your website for free.

8. Distribute Your Content On Forums/Other Communities.

You can distribute your content in forums and online communities that are relevant to your niche. Some of these websites include Reddit and Quora. You can get links back to your websites by so doing. If the content you shared was useful, people will visit the links to your website which will also mean an increase in traffic.

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9. Write A Press Release With Links Back To Your Website

It almost like others, when you write a press release you can add links of your websites and when they are published on other websites or platforms you get backlinks for free. The more backlink directed to your website indicates how trusted your website is and this will put you in the eyes of the various search engines.

10. Install Google Analytics:

Recommended by Neil Patel, if you’re having a hard time getting your site indexed, this gives Google a little heads up that you’re active. Not to mention, Google Analytics is a great way to track several critical marketing metrics.

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Bonus: Share Your Content on The Various Social Media Platforms.

Sharing your content on social media will definitely make it easy for your website to be discovered by these search engines out there. They get to notice your websites’ links in the process of crawling these social media websites and that’s an advantage to getting crawled and indexed quick. It also helps in ranking your website.

NB: Getting Your Website/URLs Crawled by Search Engines takes roughly between 4 days and 4 weeks but following the 10 Best Ways To Crawl & Index Your Websites Quick In Search Engines could shorten the duration.

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