WhatsApp Set To Launch New Tool for Reviewing Voice Notes

In today’s ICT News from Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal, we’re proud to announce to you on WhatsApp Set To Launch New Tool for Reviewing Voice Notes — reported by Artful.

On ICT Catalogue, I would like to bring you, the latest developments from one of the biggest social media apps today— WhatsApp.

Despite Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other gaining popularity, WhatsApp is the commonly used Instant messaging platform you can rely for instant chats from your device.

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature to WhatsApp users that will enable them to review their voice notes before clicking on the send button.

Previously, WhatsApp had released the possibility to listen to voice notes using different playback speeds. But, for some reason, it has been disabled in immediate previous version— 2.2195. Although, WhatsApp beta testers gave some positive reviews.


Moving on, WhatsApp has, in the last 24 hours, developed a new tool that will enable it users to review voice notes before hitting the send button. As this feature is still on the final stage of development, it has been enabled for WhatsApp beta testers, and it seems like a major launch for the social media giant.

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WhatsApp users who haven’t updated their apps from the Google Play Store should do so. If you are WhatsApp user, this feature must have been enabled for you if you’ve updated it from your app store — Google Play Store or iOS app store.

WhatsApp as an instant messaging platform has a lot more features to be integrated and working on it for its cherished users globally.

In summary, WhatsApp Set To Launch New Tool for Reviewing Voice Notes and this will help make effective use of the instant messaging mobile application.

From ICT Catalogue, we are hoping to bring you more interesting updates about WhatsApp’s New Tool for Reviewing Voice Notes and more.

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