Vodafone To Vodafone Free Calls Plans In Ghana

By | August 22, 2022

The cost of using your number to make phone calls and utilize data without a package is significantly greater than the cost of bundled offers so you need to be smart enough to always use offers in order to save money.

In this guide, i present to you the smart ways of saving airtime costs by considering to use the Vodafone to Vodafone free calls plans In Ghana.

Vodafone To Vodafone Free Calls Plans In Ghana

There are several Vodafone free call plans in Ghana and the list below are them.

Vodafone Red Offers

The Vodafone Red is an integrated bundle that gives you minutes to call all local networks, data to browse and SMS to connect with friends and family. For all No-Expiry Bundles, dial *200# to subscribe.

Red 1

Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid for 24 Hours and it costs GHS1

Unlimited calls to Vodafone numbers

10mins to call all local networks

50MB Data

Aside the Vodafone RED 1 offer which offers unlimited talk time to Vodafone to Vodafone calls, there are other packages that do not offer exclusive unlimited talk time to Vodafone to Vodafone calls but have some limited amount of time for the vodafone to vodafone calls. Below are the offers

Red 2

Terms and Conditions

3 Days/GHS2

400mins to call Vodafone numbers

30mins to call all local networks

100MB Data

Red 5

Terms and Conditions

7 Days/GHS5

125mins to call Vodafone numbers

125mins to call all local networks

250MB Data

10 SMS

Red 20

Terms and Conditions

30 Days/GHS 20

1242 minutes to call Vodafone numbers

311 minutes to call other networks

776 MB Data

21 SMS.

Vodafone Deewa Offer

Enjoy unlimited calls and SMS to all your family and friends on Vodafone for 24 hours.

Terms and conditions.

Offer costs GHC 0.50 (50p)

It is valid for only 24 hours

You can only place Vodafone to Vodafone calls

You get 2 minutes calls to other networks

How to subscribe
Dial *5050#

Select 1 (buy deewa offer)

Press 1 to purchase Select payment method (either with airtime or Vodafone Cash).

You have subscribed to Vodafone Deewa plan to Make calls all day

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