How To Stop Telegram Notifying When New Contacts Join

By | August 22, 2022

Though it may not be as well-known as WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger nonetheless has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. People adore it for a variety of reasons, including the ability to share documents up to 1.5GB in size, the fact that it is cloud-based, bots, channels, among others. 

Every time someone from your contact list joins the chat app, your newsfeed is filled with postings like “Kwame joined Telegram!” and this has the inclination to bother you with notifications.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how to turn off these annoying Telegram alerts.

How To Stop Telegram Notifying When New Contacts Join

  • Click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the Telegram app once it is open.
  • In between Saved Messages and Invite Friends, choose Settings.
  • “Notifications and Sounds” can be found in the Settings section. Select it. 
  •   Locate the Events area; “Contact joined Telegram” is displayed above Pinned Messages.
  • Just tap on it to turn it off.

No notification will be sent to you when any of your contacts joins Telegram. In order to change it , turn on “Contact joined Telegram.”

According to Telegram, the button just turns off push notifications; however, if you’ve synchronised your contacts, you’ll still receive those notifications inside the app. You will continue to receive notifications whenever a contact joins Telegram, which is why you need to deactivate synchronized contacts.

As long as Telegram doesn’t invent a better solution to the “contact joined Telegram” issue, it appears that we users have to put up with it. You may avoid receiving these messages by deleting synced contacts, which will stop new ones from being generated, by scrolling down the privacy and security settings in Telegram and deleting synced contacts .

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