How To Make Unlimited Calls On Vodafone In Ghana

By | August 22, 2022

If you use Vodafone and have been a devoted user who calls and texts every day with this economic hardship we find ourselves in, it will be very prudent to subscribe to the unlimited call offers in order to save some money for future use.

I’m going to walk you through the process of making unlimited calls on the Vodafone Ghana network in this article.

Vodafone Unlimited Call Offers

There are several Vodafone Unlimited Call Offers and the list below presents you the full list.

Vodafone Supreme Monthly Offer

When you top up any amount starting at GHS 2, the Vodafone Supreme Monthly gives you a twofold bonus and free calls to Vodafone numbers.

How to Sign Up for the Monthly Vodafone Supreme Offer

Dial 7070 to get a fair idea about the Vodafone Supreme Monthly deal.

 You will be asked to press 1 to activate or 2 to cancel.

With this offer, you receive 1000 minutes for on-net calls that can be utilised within a month. The cost of this deal is GHS 11, and in the event that you use up all of your minutes, you can reactivate the 30-day offer once more.

Vodafone Bossu Weekend Offer

Vodafone Bossu Weekend gives you 300 minutes of talk time to all networks in Ghana and 5GB for only GHC 5.40.300 minutes is equivalent to 5 hours talk time.

Terms and conditions 

It costs GHC 5.40. and the minimum balance of GHC 5.4 is needed to subscribe.

The offer is only available during the weekend

You can make calls to all networks in Ghana.

How to subscribe to Vodafone Boosu Weekend Offer

  • Dial *5588#
  • Choose option 3 (Bossu weekend)
  • Choose1 to activate
  • Choose payment method (Vodafone Cash or Airtime balance)
  • Choose one to confirm
  • You have successfully subscribed to this call offer.

Vodafone Deewa Offer

Enjoy unlimited calls and SMS to all your family and friends on Vodafone for 24 hours.

Terms and conditions.

Offer costs GHC 0.50 (50p)

It is valid for only 24 hours

You can only place Vodafone to Vodafone calls

You get 2 minutes calls to other networks

How to subscribe

  • Dial *5050#
  • Select 1 (buy deewa offer)
  • Press 1 to purchase
  • Select payment method (either with airtime or Vodafone Cash).
  • You have subscribed to Vodafone Deewa plan to Make calls all day

Vodafone Baako Pe! Offer

This deal is comparable to MTN Free After 1 in that it also lets you make calls while only charging you for the first minute. After paying GHS 0.30, you can continue to use that credit to call any network and continue to pay that fee.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Baako Pe!

Dial *135#

Choose 1: Activate Baako Pe

Verify it by pressing 1.

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