Vodafone Ghana Data Offers And Short Codes For Subscribers

By | October 28, 2020

These are Vodafone Ghana Data Offers And Short Codes For Subscribers.

In terms of surfing the web with a mobile network that has best data bundle offers for its subscribers, Vodafone Ghana is one of the mobile network that gives cheaper but quality data bundles to Ghanaians.

Based on facts check, the National Communication Authority of Ghana has confirmed that the total number of Ghana’s voice subscribers as at January 2020 was 41,380,751 and Vodafone Ghana holds almost 21.9% of that total. This means out of the 41,380,751 voice subscribers in Ghana, over 9,075,795 voice subscribers are using Vodafone Ghana network — as the second most subscribed mobile network in Ghana after MTN Ghana.

With this, Vodafone Ghana makes browsing so interesting with their cheaper data bundles for browsing on a 4G network connectivity.

Browsing the web to your satisfaction requires a you have enough data bundle to accomplish your internet surfing demands.

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In this article, I will like to bring you some of the Vodafone Ghana data bundle offers and their short codes below.

Data PackagesCodePrice (GH)Data Size (MB)Period
Streamer Hour*700#1.0860MBNo Expiry
Download Hours*700#2.12GB1 Hour
Stater Daily*700#0.5425MBNo Expiry
Chat Daily*700#2.152GBNo Expiry
Browse Max Daily*700#3.25550MB24 Hours
Browser Lite Daily*700#5.41GB2 Days
Stater Weekly*700#2.1580MBNo Expiry
Downloader Lite Weekly*700#5.4600MB + 600MB for NightNo Expiry
Streamer Max Weekly*700#101.5GB + 1.5GB for Night15 Days
Browser Max Weekly*700#21.54GB7 Days
Chat Monthly*700#204GB + 4GB for NIght30 Days
Downloader Monthly*700#5010GB + 10GB for Night30 Days
Browser Monthly*700#1082030 Days
Jumbo Streamer*700#21540GB30 Days
Jumbo Max*700#322100GB30 Days
Jumbo Optimus*700#430200GB30 Days
Night King 1*700#2.152GB12am – 4am
Night King 2*700#5.407.5GB12am – 4am

There is nothing that can make you happier than having a consistent internet connection at home, office or school.

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If you happen to be Vodafone Ghana lover or wanting to migrate to use Vodafone SIM for calls and browsing, then these are some of the Vodafone Ghana data bundles and the short codes for you.

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