Ultimate Guide To Leverage UGC Platforms For Your Business 2021

By | August 9, 2021

Over the past few years, the marketing world has evolved tremendously as brands have started focusing more on delivering quality content. And to give wings to their goals, the ‘User-generated Content’ has come into existence.

To educate you about user-generated content, we have created this ultimate guide that you can leverage to your business.

In today’s article guide, I am here to give you the Ultimate Guide to Leverage UGC Platforms For Your Business in 2021.

User-Generated Content- The Future of Content Marketing

For those brands who are working on fulfilling their marketing needs have found a solution in the name of User-generated Content.

“Created and shared by users willingly on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., user-generated content, aka UGC, is the most authentic & trustworthy form of content.”

From videos, images, reviews to testimonials, and more, everything that you see online now comes under the category of user-generated content.

Being high-quality content, UGC is a killer asset for brands and businesses that helps them in generating sales and growing online.

This cost-efficient way of content marketing is trusted by nearly 55 % of customers over any other marketing form.

What are the User-Generated Content Platforms?

To leverage the power of user-generated content, brands need to have some professional support. Here comes the hero i.e., UGC platforms!

Basically, UGC platforms are the tools that help brands in collecting valuable user-generated content from various social media platforms and curate them into a single feed.

This single-feed, also known as Social Media Wall, can be then displayed across any marketing channel such as a website for branding purposes.

These channels could be anything from a website to digital signage and many more channels. And UGC platforms offer freedom to leverage any of these marketing channels.

In a nutshell, a UGC platform bridges the gap between user-generated content and marketing touchpoints. At the same time, there are innumerable possibilities that are associated with UGC platforms.

Benefits of User-Generated Content Platforms

As already mentioned above, UGC platforms are the tools that allow brands to aggregate user-generated content and use it on any marketing channel.

So, when this platform is of great importance for brands & businesses, there are many reasons linked with its use.

Go through the reasons why brands need to leverage UGC platforms.

  1. It Helps in Content Distribution

A powerful UGC platform can distribute the aggregated user-generated content on various marketing channels like website, email marketing, digital signages, etc.

You can also embed the user-generated content feeds on your website to engage users, improve click-through rates, drive SEO performance, boost traffic, and more.

  1. Allow Content Customization

As you know, user-generated content on various social media platforms is very raw, and brands just can’t display it just the way it is.

But when you take help from a UGC platform, it allows you to customize your content by letting you apply themes, designs, styles, banners, backgrounds, etc.

This way, you can shape the content better so that it can serve your business’s purpose and goals.

  1. Helps in Content Moderation

Out of so many uses, content moderation is one of the other uses of UGC platforms. It lets you display what you want to show & what you want to remove from your UGC feeds.

  1. UGC Platforms Offers Real-time Updates

How about displaying the latest posts on your website automatically? Yes, you read it right! UGC platforms result in real-time automatic content updates i.e.; the website gets updated with the feeds from your social media handles.

  1. Helps in UGC Rights Management

One of the major challenges that most brands face is getting rights for repurposing UGC for their marketing benefits.

But UGC platforms help in tailoring content rights requests as a part of content approval in just a few clicks.

Examples of 2 of the Best UGC Platforms

For you, we have explained two of the best UGC platforms that can help your business grow in a great way.


Being a UGC platform, Taggbox helps collect & curate user-generated content from different social media like Instagram, Facebook, and more into a single feed.

This beautiful feed can then be displayed across various marketing channels like websites.

As we have already explained above, the reasons why you should leverage UGC platforms, just like that, Taggbox allows you to customize and moderate the content. It means that you can apply various themes, banners, backgrounds, etc.; along with this, you can eliminate the unwanted content from your social media feeds to keep them clean & fresh.

Not just this, but this platform also offers UGC Rights Management to get rightful permission from content creators to repurpose their content legally.

Well, the list of features offered by Taggbox is quite long as it also includes Custom CSS, Customer Support, and more.


Another UGC platform is Miappi that helps you create a great visual story by collecting & curating user-generated content from various social networks. The feeds can be embedded in real-time on either websites, on digital signage or at live events, etc.

It also features customization, moderation, UGC rights management, and maximum impact in the marketing sphere.

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