10 Tips On How To Hire Remote Software Developers For Your Startup 2021

By | August 10, 2021

Software developers are important to your company. Tech enterprises can benefit from having an in-house app or software that can fulfill customer engagement needs. But if your app is slow and unintuitive, customers – and potential customers – will back off. This is why enlisting the help of top-notch Software Developers is important for the creation of high-quality digital products. According to a report by Stripe and Harris, software developers are responsible for 70% of a company’s success in sales.

Developers are part of the reason why your startup is different from others.

Consider what’s above and look at these statistics showing that 86% of IT developers prefer to work remotely. For this reason, traditional hiring is no longer enough. These 10 tips will give you a better idea of how to hire skillful and reliable remote software developers.

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Test Them with Potential Company Challenges

What their resume says is important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their experience is compatible with your company. It is important that you test their skills with challenges they’ll face in your startup. This will give you a more accurate assessment of their talents. For example, if visuals are something you want to improve in current software, it’ll be good to test applicants on their front-end skills, rather than just give them a generic test.

Become a Software Developer’s Heaven

This Stack Overflow survey shows a list of aspects that developers will consider when applying for a job. This survey revealed how important career development opportunities and resources are for developers. They also value a happy environment where they will feel free to reach out to other team members without problems.

Even when working remotely, the work environment is a contributing factor to the happiness of a software developer. You’re not going to be able to hire killer developers if you don’t offer them good possibilities.

Do Not Limit Them to One Language or Tool

Although Software Engineering is a methodical profession, creativity is still important. Limiting the options of software developer aspirants is only going to make you hire limited minds. Have you ever heard Bill Gate’s phrase: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”? This is where creativity becomes an efficient feature. It’s even harder for a software developer to learn a new technique to solve a problem in a single programming language than learning a new language to solve that problem.

Get to Know Their Communication Skills

Remember that you’re not physically near your remote worker – It’s not like you both will be at the office to give instructions. So hiring someone who can efficiently communicate is key. If you are not familiar with software development, you will not understand programming lingo. To see eye-to-eye during a project, a developer will need to have good communication skills to relay messages in simpler terms. This is something you may learn during the hiring process.

Talent vs Resume

Their resume is important, but it’s not as important as their work performance. That’s why testing the skills of your potential employees is crucial. There’s another way to get to know their talent. Good developers could have an app of their own for you to evaluate. Besides, you can find someone who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree in computer science but has an incredible talent to code.

Be Clear with Expectations before Hiring

If you want your developers to work towards your desired outcomes, be clear with them about your expectations and what they can look forward to in your startup. If there’s a lack of communication in this matter, developers might be less than committed to their job properly and this will result in an inefficient digital product.

Ask about How They Like to Work

Working remotely often leads to unproductivity and lack of commitment. However, there are seasoned remote developers that have efficient work routines at home. Efficient scheduling in workers is what you need for your startup.

Before hiring a remote worker, ask them about their ideal working schedule, routines, and productive habits. This will give you an idea of how a developer can timely deliver tasks to complete a specific project.

Ask about Passion and Motivation

Passionate people are the best professionals. This also applies to software developers. Someone who will only work to pay the bills is definitely not the kind of energy for your startup – you need someone with passion for what they do. Besides, passionate people tend to be problem solvers and are very productive workers.

Ensure They Produce Well-Written Code

Bad-written code is equivalent to redundant costs. Even though you think the algorithm is functional, there’s nothing worse than spotting an error and having to have it rewritten. If you make sure the developer you want to hire can produce well-written code, you’ll save a lot of time and money, and your team will stay productive.

Be Clear about Deadlines and Time Zones

Working in different time zones can affect your company’s productivity and make you waste time. So you must be able to clarify deadlines based on different time zones. This will improve your communication and developers will be able to deliver the tasks on time. It’s important to do this before hiring anyone to ensure you won’t have problems with deadlines.

Wrapping up

Developers are such an important part of your workforce so you need to make sure only the most suitable are hired. Though you may not be used to hiring remote workers, outsourcing software work will make you save money. The most important thing when hiring remote developers is that you find passionate and talented developers that will produce the best outcomes for your startup.

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