Twitter Users Can Now Control Who Replies To Their Tweet

By | August 11, 2020

Twitter Inc rolled out a new feature today, that would allow Twitter users to set the limitation on the number of people that can reply to their daily tweets, in a way to give account holders more control over interactions on their twitter pages.

All Twitter accounts are eligible for this newly-released feature by Twitter, to select particular accounts that can reply to tweets while composing a new tweet. This new feature help to enjoy some form of privacy — as you have the control over how people can drop their opinions as replies on your Twitter tweets.

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With this new feature rolled out by Twitter, users have the option to select from three sets of people that are only from those they follow and only people mentioned in new twitter tweets.

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Twitter is known to be one of the best microblogging website that has been in existence for long, and started testing this new feature in May, adding that though Twitter users can contribute to like and retweet posts — but cannot reply if they have been excluded.

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To a lot of twitter users that have tested the new feature so far, have confirmed how this will help filter and make conversations on twitter better.

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