Top Money Making Apps in Ghana

By | November 14, 2022

Top Money Making Apps in Ghana – There are several apps in Ghana, and some of these apps can be used to make money.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of these apps so if you are looking forward to making some cash but do not know how then you can use these apps.

What are Money Making apps?

Money making apps are simply apps that you can use to make some income. This income can be your main income or a side income. There are several of these money making apps and these apps are so cool that they are also even easy to use.

Top Money Making Apps in Ghana

This section of the article will help you know about some money making apps in Ghana that can help you gain some cash. These apps include;

Fiverr – Fiverr is a global online freelance services marketplace. The Fiverr platform connects freelancers (sellers) with individuals or businesses looking to hire (buyers).

Freelancers work from a variety of locations, including their homes and offices. The platform is global, with freelancers and businesses from over 160 countries. In 2019, Fiverr went public. It is now a multibillion-dollar global market.

Fiverr’s founders came up with the idea of creating a marketplace where people could buy and sell a variety of digital services typically provided by freelance contractors.

Writing, translation, graphic design, video editing, and programming are among the services provided on the website. Fiverr’s services start at $5 and can cost thousands of dollars. Fiverr debuted its iOS app in the Apple App Store in December 2013¬†and its Android app in the Google Play store in March 2014.

Upwork – Upwork is just like Fiverr. Upwork Global Inc., formerly Elance-oDesk, is a freelancing website based in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California.

Upwork had five million clients and nearly twelve million freelancers registered. Over three million job postings totaled more than $1 billion USD in 2017.

Upwork’s platform allows clients to screen, select, and collaborate with freelancers and freelancing agencies. A job description and the price range for which the client is willing to pay a freelancer are posted online.

The customer may invite specific freelancers to apply for their positions, or they may simply post the position and invite any interested freelancers to apply.

Upwork reported 14 million users in 180 countries in March 2017, with $1 billion USD in annual freelancer billings.

In 2020, the company purged 1.8 million freelancers, possibly as a result of changes implemented under new CEO Hayden Brown’s leadership. Brown stated during a 2019 investor call that Upwork would focus more on serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies rather than smaller companies looking for a quick job with a single gig worker.

YouTube – One of the top apps that can be used to make money is YouTube. All you need to make money on YouTube is to make mind-blowing content in terms of video. Authentic content posted on YouTube can get you monetized and you could be making a fortune from this. Some of the world’s top YouTubers are making about $500,000 a month from their content on YouTube and this goes on to show that YouTube can be a blessing if taken seriously.

Uber & Bolt Driver apps – Before you can use this to make money, you must first have a car – whether your own or for someone. Once you have a car, you can be assured of a steady income. Most drivers using the Bolt and Uber apps make a significant amount of money by rendering their services to customers. Statistics have proven that Uber and Bolt drivers make close to GHC 1000 a day.

Foap – Foap gives you the opportunity to make some money from your photographs as a photographer. As a photographer, you can upload some photo collections and these can attract buyers who will purchase them so you get some cool cash.

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