Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands In Nigeria

By | September 4, 2022

Getting to drive your dream car is one of the most blissful things to happen to you if you ever thought about driving a popular car you saw in Nigeria while growing up.

If we look at the profits produced by the leading vehicle firms, or automotive manufacturers, we can say that they are a part of one of the most significant sectors in the world. These top automakers represent a diverse group of businesses and institutions engaged in the planning, creation, production, promotion, and sale of automobiles.

As more technological advancements take place daily, the competition to become the top automotive brand in Nigeria is becoming more intense.

Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands In Nigeria


The most well-known automaker in the nation is Toyota. The fuel-efficient engines found in Toyota’s sedans, coupes, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs are well-known. Despite having a nice outside, it is valued more for its spacious cabin and modern interior.

The Camry, Corolla, and Tacoma from Toyota are some of the best automobiles on bumpy roads, which is a dreadful characteristic of Nigerian roadways.


Hyundai is made in Korea by the vehicle manufacturer. When properly maintained, the car is able to last longer as the shock absorber is made to last up to five years before developing regular problems. It is designed for the tough terrains in Africa, especially Nigeria. Additionally, the car is less expensive, uses less fuel, and has a unique design.

Mercedez Benz

Mercedes Benz is a brand of German automobiles. In Nigeria, the brand has made a name for itself. Nigerians admire Mercedes-Benz, or Benz as it is most commonly called, for its style, durability, lifespan, and speed. Owning a Benz is a full honor on its own, especially the vintage type that have gone outmoded.


The exterior of the Lexus is impressively elegant. It is a high-end automobile made by Toyota. The transmission is typically smooth, and the ride quality is excellent. Nearly all Nigerians adore it and are constantly open to trying out fresh changes. It helps the motorist have smooth driving on long-distance trips. Despite being a luxury vehicle, Lexus is fairly reasonable and offers fantastic value for the money.

Land Rover

Land Rover has been a well-liked brand in the nation and is preferred before several cars.  Most of its models are four-wheel-drive, off-road capable jeeps suitable for the African terrain. There are many popular  Land Rover vehicles, with the Range Rover being the most well-known.


Bayerische Motoren Werke, or “Bavarian Motor Works,” is the abbreviation for BMW. It is a German vehicle brand that was formed in Bavaria and has a rich and famous tradition. BMW vehicles are popular in Nigeria because of their durability and power. It is a car with the right amount of power and acceleration for Nigerian terrain.


The German Labour Front created Volkswagen (VG), a German automaker, in 1937. It is well-known because of the iconic Beetle. Due to its longevity, this automobile brand is one of the most well-known in Nigeria today. Since the Beetle initially appeared on Nigerian roads, Volkswagen has advanced to create other, more modern vehicles.


A popular carmaker, Nissan creates premium passenger, SUV, sports, commercial, and 4X4 vehicles. It is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that debuted in Nigeria in 1933 and has since gained considerable recognition locally. It is currently one of the most dependable auto brands in the nation.


The second-largest automaker in South Korea, Kia has been in the business for quite a while now.  features a slim body, which greatly enhances its charm. Many drivers love it because it comes with a wide array of thorough long-term protections. Car enthusiasts adore it for its dependability, light weight, and fuel efficiency.


Honda is a well-known automaker admired for its strength and performance. Since it has been around for a while, many car buyers favor it. It is produced by a publicly traded, multinational Japanese automaker. Additionally, it is praised for its controlled driving dynamics, high safety ratings, and minimal fuel usage.

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