Cost Of Google Ads Certification In Nigeria

By | September 4, 2022

There is no doubt that Google Ads is the largest PPC network available, with numerous clicks available every day and millions of businesses utilizing Google’s paid advertisements.

But mastering Google Ads is not an easy feat, and with countless dollars at stake, even a small error may have a big impact. Getting Google Ads certified is a requirement if you want to learn how to utilize the program and demonstrate your skill to others, such as your supervisor or clients.

The Google Ads certification program, which is managed by Google, issues certifications to successful candidates who can demonstrate their proficiency with Google Ads in particular areas.

Cost Of Google Ads Certification In Nigeria

To obtain a Google Ads certification in Nigeria, candidates must pass two exams, each of which cost $50. As a result, the entire cost of obtaining a Google Ads certification in Nigeria is $100, which, based on the current currency rate, is equivalent to almost 49,000 Naira.


In summary, there are two sorts of Google Ads Certification: Individual Good Ads Certification and Company Google Ads Certification. We will examine both types of Google Ads Certification in great detail to better comprehend what they are and how they differ from one another. 

Individual Google Ads Certification 

As the names indicate, this Google Ads Certification is for individuals, and obtaining certification requires passing two tests. This qualification is well-respected by employers, requires more academic study than practical application, and is especially beneficial for Pay per Click professionals. This certification will be quite helpful to those who want to concentrate on Pay per Click (PPC).

Company Google Ads Certification

With this certification, Google acknowledges a company as a marketing authority, adding the company to their certified partners database where the company’s name will display when interested parties search this database for specific information, providing them an edge over their rivals. This acts as a fantastic trust indicator for potential clients, who will be more inclined to work with a Google certified.

Google AdWords Certifications

Google AdWords includes a number of tests. But starting with the Advertising Basic test is always advised for applicants. The Basic exam measures the applicants’ fundamental comprehension of the broad concept of Google Ad advertising, encompassing everything from Search networks to Display Network. The tests for this certification are listed below.

Google Fundamental Examination

The Google Fundamentals exam covers a number of major concepts, including an introduction to AdWords, account management, keyword targeting, ad formats, and more. The typical exam consists of 100 questions that must be answered in two hours, and candidates must have a passing score of at least 80% in order to pass.

Google Search Advertising Advance Examination

This advanced test covers key topics such as comprehending ad formats, managing the quality of ads and websites, successfully using AdWords tools, managing and monitoring performance, reporting, and many other related subjects. The typical exam consists of 100 questions that must be answered in two hours, and candidates must have a passing score of at least 80% in order to pass.

Google Display Advertising Advance Examination

The management of display ads on the Google display network, management of display ads on YouTube, and management of display ads on mobile devices are among the topics covered in this exam. Similar to the Fundamental exam and the Search Advertising Advance exam, this exam typically consists of 100 questions that must be solved in 120 minutes.

Nevertheless, in this instance, passing the test will require a score of at least 700 percent. It ought to be emphasized that this certification encompasses a number of different exams. Other tests include those for mobile advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising.

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