Top 10 Best Cryptos You Can Mine At Home This Year

By | February 14, 2024

There are many cryptos you can mine at home this year and I have compiled a list of the best cryptos you should start with. These are not cryptos that require that you get an expensive mining rig or GPU to earn.

Home Crypto mining has been one of money making avenues during the early ages of Bitcoin. Of course, you wouldn’t get much mining with a CPU and GPU but from then till now, it would have been a lot of money.

Most crypto fanatics thought the surge in Bitcoin prices have ruined home mining. This is because the reward you will get mining with your little devices can not take care of the energy consumption. Basically, that is because Bitcoin has become too expensive.

One thing most people didn’t calculate is the fact that Bitcoin is not the only crypto you can mine. Of course, there are other cryptos and I will list the top 10 best of them all.

Top 10 Best Cryptos You Can Mine At Home

Here are the best cryptos you can mine at home. It is very important to consider how much you earn from these cryptos with how much you spend if you really want to make a profit. If what you seek is a quick return on your investment, then I will suggest you consider Forex Trading instead.

1. Dogecoin (DOGE)

cryptos you can mine from home - DOGE

This is the first “meme coin” to hit the crypto markets. Since its initial release in 2013, it has been one of the most popular cryptos on the market.

Mining a Dogecoin using your regular computer is still possible. With a high CPU and GPU pair, you can mine DOGE from the comfort of your home. Dogecoin mining is based on the Scrypt protocol and you can mine using GUIMiner, CGMiner, or Cudo Miner.

With recognition from Elon Musk and other industry players, I think DOGE has earned a place as one of the leading cryptos on the market.

2. Litecoin (LTC)

Cryptos you can mine from home - Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has been the next alternate coin besides Bitcoin for ages. It is one of the most popular cryptos on the market and is accepted by almost all crypto exchange platforms.

Litecoin is one of the choices you should make if your goal is to mine crypto from the comfort of your home. It is also based on the Scrypt protocol so mining it does not require so much investment. With a good CPU in combination with a good GPU, you can mine LTC without any hitches.

The software you can use for mining LTC includes EasyMiner, Cudo Miner, CGMiner, GUIMiner, and CPUMiner. There are more miners for this particular crypto than you can imagine.

3. Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Cryptos you can mine at home - Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is a blockchain-based open-source crypto developed by Gemini. ETC is based on the Ethereum blockchain Network.

If you want to mine crypto at home, ETC is highly recommended because it is quite easy to mine. You can mine ETC using Ethermine. It is the recommended mining software for ETC but you can also use other miners like GUIMiner, Easy Miner, etc.

You should also know that you will need a very powerful GPU to be able to mine this crypto. Gaming laptops are not the best choices if you ask me.

4. Monero (XMR)

Cryptos you can mine at home - Monero (XMR)

This is one of the most popular decentralized cryptocurrencies in the world right now. It is also privacy-focused so it is what most people resort to if untraceable transactions are concerned.

Monero is the easiest mine since its network is ASIC-resistant. This means you only need GPU and CPU to mine this and it also means competition is fair enough.

You can do solo mining or you can join a pool. Some of the software you can use if you want to go solo includes XMRig which is the recommended miner and CSMiner.

Monero is acceptable on most cryptocurrency exchange platforms so you can easily trade your XMR after mining.

5. MonaCoin (MONA)


MonaCoin is the first-ever Japanese cryptocurrency. Since its initial release in 2014, it has been used by many Japanese for different transactions.

This particular crypto is one of the ASIC-resistant cryptos to mine. You can only mine this crypto using a GPU. A GPU in combination with any of the right mining software should be enough to earn you a MonaCoin.

Some of the Software you can use to mine this crypto include CCMiner, CGMiner, and Suprnova RTM.

6. ZCash (ZEC)


ZCash is another privacy-focused cryptocurrency. If you want to make anonymous transactions, then ZCash is the best crypto to use.

ZCash was initially released in 2016 and has since been one of the fast-growing crypto assets. Most people resort to ZEC transactions since it is privacy-focused.

This is one of the cryptos you can mine at home because it is ASIC-resistant. You use these normal consumer-grade CPUs in combination with high GPUs for mining. GUI Miner is the best option if you want to mine ZEC.

7. Ravecoin (RVN)

Cryptos you can mine at home - Ravecoin

Ravecoin is one of the new but popular cryptos to hit the market. It was initially released in 2018 as an open-source project built on a fork of Bitcoin code.

You can mine RVN using consumer-grade equipment. There is no need for expensive ASIC miners for this to work. All you need is a high CPU and very good GPU to start mining Ravecoin. DamoMiner and BMiner are some of the software you can use to mine RVN.

8. Grin coin

Grin coin

If you want another crypto that is more focused on privacy, then Grin should be the right one. This particular crypto facilitates private transactions between individuals and exchange platforms.

Grin supports both GUI and ASIC miners. If you want to mine Grin, then you need a high-end GPU in combination with any of the mining software. Some of the mining software supported by Grin are Gminer, GrinGoldMiner, Cudo Miner, and some others mining software.

9. Vertcoin (VTC)

Cryptos you can mine at home - Vertcoin

Vertcoin is another open-source cryptocurrency that uses ASIC resistance protocol to issue and reward miners. The crypto was released in early 2014 making it one of the early cryptocurrencies to hit the market after bitcoin.

With a high-end GPU and CPU combo, you can mine VTC from the comfort of your home. It is ASIC resistance so you have other consumer-grade equipment to compete with.

10. Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold which is a hard fork of the Bitcoin code is an open-source cryptocurrency. Even though this might make you feel like it is similar to Bitcoin but trust me, this is not close to BTC.

It is ASIC resistance so you can mine with any good GPU.


Most crypto users are forced to believe that the era of mining Bitcoin is over. That is not the case because there are people out there who are still mining Bitcoin. The only problem is the fact that BTC’s blockchain has grown beyond consumer-grade mining equipment.

People are still mining Bitcoin except now, you need large mining rigs to do so. Unfortunately, most individuals cannot afford mining rigs which makes it impossible for them to venture into BTC mining.

There are lots of other cryptos you can mine at home. As I have listed above, you can mine those cryptos and exchange them for BTC or any other currency you want. If you don’t want to mine any other crypto besides BTC, then you can try cloud mining. There are lots of cloud mining platforms you can invest in.

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