MTN Ghana Data Bundles & Shortcodes

By | February 14, 2024

As a major brand in the Ghanaian telecommunications market, one of the ways that MTN makes the lives of customers comfortable is by providing soothing bundles.

Here is a comprehensive guide about the MTN Ghana data bundles and their short codes for all subscribers.

These bundles have their own unique way through which you can access them and in this article, we will be taking a look at the available data bundles on MTN and the codes that you can use to access them.

MTN Ghana is the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Ghana. The Company has over 17.83 million subscribers with a market share of approximately 55.09% as at December 2017.

MTN Ghana so far gives you the fast and reliable internet with MTN’s high-speed data plans and strong network coverage. Their MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) service is another product that is simple and safe to use.

About MTN

MTN is an abbreviation for Mobile Telecommunications Network, which was previously known as M-Cell. MTN is a South African mobile telecommunications company that operates in many African and Asian countries, with its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and as a South African brand.

MTN now has 280 million subscribers, making it the world’s eighth-largest mobile network operator. The company controls approximately 35% of the market in Nigeria alone.

MTN Ghana Data Bundles & Shortcodes

There are several bundles made available by MTN Ghana and each of these data bundles has its specific codes, although there are some that share the same primary shortcode.

This section of the article will bring to light the specific short code that you can use to get your preferred data bundle. You must note that although some of the bundles share the same code, however, the prices will defer due to the allocation of data attached to any of the bundles.

Below are the various short codes for MTN Ghana’s available data bundles;

MTN Daily Bundles – *138*1#
MTN Weekly bundles – *138*1#
MTN Monthly bundles – *138*1#
MTN Super Saver bundles – *138#
MTN Turbonet bundles – *5057#
MTN MashUp bundles – *557#
MTN Kokrokoo bundle – *138*3#
MTN Midnight bundle – *138*2#
MTN Social bundles – *138*4#
MTN Video Bundles – *138*5#

The primary short code for data bundles on MTN is *138# so in case you hit any of the codes and it does not work, do not get worried. Just dial *138# and follow the prompts to get your preferred bundle. I hope the above really answers your question about MTN Ghana data bundle shortcodes and also helped you to make an informed decision.

Other Beneficial MTN Ghana Shortcodes

Aside from the above shortcodes, MTN Ghana has other shortcodes that serve other purposes. Some of these codes are;

*170# – MTN mobile money code
108 – To send voicemails
109 – To receive voicemails
*511# – To generate a Mobile Money ATM token
*585# – Check 4G device compatibility
*156# – To check your MTN mobile number
*545# – To check data usage
*175# – To manage your MTN subscriptions
*1390# – To reserve your number for 2 years
1303 – To access MTN Radio
*198# – To share credit with friends and family
*296# – aYo recharge with care
*1552# – WeChat monthly data bundle
Send PORT to 600 – Number portability
*400# – To know if your number is registered
*300*20# – Get jokes

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