The Software Being Used by the Gaming Industry

By | July 16, 2022

Online and offline gambling is big business the world over. Even in countries where sports betting is prohibited, people still find a way to go online and join casinos or sportsbooks, with slots online, card games, and sports being the order of the day. This has led to a multi-billion dollar industry.

For this industry to keep moving forward it needs to embrace technology and utilize the best software for security and provide the best user experience it can. This is true not just for online casinos and sportsbooks but also for traditional gaming houses too.

Land-based casinos use the software in a number of different ways just as their websites do but just in different ways.

 According to Brand Essence, the online gambling market will be worth over $77 billion per annum in just five years’ time. That number doesn’t even include land-based gaming establishments.

Today’s article guide will educate you more on The Software Being Used by the Gaming Industry in 2022.

How do online casinos use software for their games?

When you look at the biggest corporations in online casinos you will recognize many of the names. Some will be known to you through the internet and print advertising such as Paddy Power, and others such as William Hill would be known to anyone in the UK from the high street.

No matter how well known these companies are they very often employ other people to provide gaming software. Coding casino games can be very time-consuming and they need to meet certain legal regulations such as RTP or return to player. The software has to be reliable, trustworthy, and glitch-free. Therefore, many online casinos use software providers.

There are several casino game providers and these games are then incorporated into the gaming website. The casino company will then hire someone to design a website where the games and payment methods will be integrated. Things such as sign-on bonuses and any other features will be added to the web design stage.

Software for security

In traditional casinos, there are a number of areas where software is used to improve the security of the house and for their guests too.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition software is used widely to recognize any unwanted visitors to the casino. Any time someone enters a casino their image will be recorded and then scanned against a database of banned players. If a match occurs then security will be alerted and the offender removed from the premises.

RFID technology

Software is also used with RFID technology to track chips on the gaming floor. This can help prevent theft and also allows the casino to know just how much money is on the tables at any one time. RFID can run on Windows and there are several apps available for different RFID purposes.

Angel Eye cards

Angel eye is the name given to cards that are marked with invisible barcodes and the shoe that transmits the data to a PC running tracking software. This tech was brought in to combat card switchers and the software can tell the dealer the exact count at the end of any game. If the cards on the table don’t add up then security will be called.

Software to improve the UX

Not all software is used for security purposes in casinos, some are used to make the guests stay more comfortable, and other software is used to make players feel more welcome.

Facial recognition again

To some, this might seem a little like big brother is watching you, but slot machines are now able to recognize loyal members of the casino. Certain machines are fitted with cameras linked to facial recognition so they can greet players by their names and automatically stamp their virtual loyalty cards.

This can be good for any casino with a welcome bonus as the player won’t have to worry about carrying and marking his loyalty card, the slot machine will link to software to make sure rewards are recorded.

Near Field Communication

Now that the world has experienced the pandemic, many people will be more aware of making human contact and touching surfaces. NFC tech linked to smartphone apps allows guests to check themselves in and open their room without using a key.

The casino software lets any smartphone with NFC adjust lighting and heating in the guest’s suite and open blinds and order room service.

Cybercrime and payment systems

For any business that deals with user payments, understanding common network security threats and how to protect against them is vital. Online casinos use 128 or 256-bit encryption to make sure your financial data is unreadable. This is the same encryption that banks use. Casino websites also use SSL certificates and provide safe payment methods.

Many online casinos accept bitcoin now which adds another level of security and anonymity to payments. In the future, you may start to see decentralized casinos using blockchain technology which will provide transparent secure ways to play.

Virtual Reality games

When you consider what technologies are being driven forward by the gaming industry, then VR would be one of them, along with AI and blockchain.

Virtual sports are already in casinos on the internet and allow players to enjoy a variety of sports betting regardless of the time of day or night, or even if the season is active.

Virtual Reality though is something different to these games and in the near future, it could be used to let players ‘visit’ a thoroughly realized 3D casino from their own homes. The software and tech are already in place, it is just a matter of whether the player interest is there.


Online and traditional casinos use software for AI purposes in virtual games. They are also exploring options to create whole virtual casinos that will work with VR headsets.

When it comes to security, there is software in place to recognize the faces of banned players, the license plates associated with these people, and systems in place to watch card switchers and chip thieves.

Casinos also consider their guests and they know a happy player is going to be more so they use apps to track the likes and dislikes of individuals and tailor advertising and offers to them. If you are in a casino then you can be sure there is software in place and cameras to track almost everything you are doing.

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