Which Database Administration Certification Is The Best For You?

By | July 21, 2021

In pursuing a career in the field of database administration, one may be required to earn a post-graduate certification in database administration.

While there may be tens of certificates to choose from in this field, there are certainly some that are more advantageous than the others.

In this article, we shall provide you with the best options for Database administration certificates you need to acquire.

So if your search term is the best database administration certification courses or programs, then you are at the right place and you don’t have to move any further until you finish reading this article which is made just for you.

Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator Certification

Microsoft is arguably one of the world’s biggest computer software and hardware companies with over 3 decades of experience in handling computer-related issues.

Microsoft’s certification program for Database Administrators is a good combination of several tools that enable prospective candidates to have an in-depth and diversified view of how various databases work and how to maintain them.

The Microsoft certification program is also recognized worldwide and therefore puts its holders in a good position for employment and contract seeking.

The Microsoft certification program has three different types of exams that can be taken by the individual. They are MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, MTA  and MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.

Depending on the type of certification you are taking, you may have to write one, two or three exams.

Each exam costs between 127 to 185 USD. To find out more about the Microsoft Certification program, you may visit Microsoft

IBM Certified Database Administrator

When it comes to database systems and their management training, IBM is one of the biggest market shareholders in the industry.

Acquiring an IBM certification as a Database Administrator doesn’t only make you a strong contender for vacancies in various firms you may apply to but it equips you with real skills you can rely on in dealing with most of the top database management systems.

This certification covers database management systems on Unix, Linux and Windows.

Candidates hoping to attain this certification are expected to pass two different exams. Each exam costs 200 USD.

Each exam takes upto 90 minutes to completed and comes with at least 60 questions each.

To find out more about the IBM Certification program, visit this link IBM

Oracle Certified Professional, Database Administrator

If you have some interest in programming or database management, then Oracle should be no new name to you. They are one of the most authentic names in the programming world with years of experience.

Acquiring an Oracle certification as a Database administrator improves your market price and puts you in the position to deal with almost any kind of database system you are put in charge of.

Oracle’s certification program is run through Oracle University – a subsidiary of Oracle Inc.

This program requires candidates to pass just a single examination to be certified.

Registration for the examination costs 245 USD. Meanwhile, there are recommended online tutorials you may want to take before registering for the exam. Some of these tutorials cost as much as 2,200 USD.

To find out more about this certification program, kindly visit Oracle


A certification in database administration is a good way to put yourself in a comfortable position to beat completion in the job market. However, it is more important for you to choose the right form of certification to be recognized worldwide as a certified Database Administrator.

The list provided in this article is a guide to some of the best certification exams you can take to attain the level of success you need in this field of Database administration. Read through carefully and choose the one that works fine for you.

Thanks for reading today’s article guide on Which Database Administration Certification Is The Best For You?

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