TCL Android TV Prices In Ghana

By | November 6, 2021

When it comes to Television sets to view the best of pictures in some certain events around the globe, one cannot rule out TCL televisions, TCL is an American fast-rising TV brand and the second-largest manufacture in the world at large, TCL Televisions can be found in the homes of many Ghanaian individuals because they refer to it as the best in the system so far. Their televisions sets are grouped under 5 types which include; the QLED TVs, Satellite TVs, Smart TVs, AI TVs, and Android TVs.

Focusing mainly on the Android TV which is the latest and leading currently, they have great features which aid the television to perform well and give the viewer a good experience in viewing the world, on this TV set, one can perform any task that an android device can perform as well. Talking about its features, the TCL Android TV has a Slim and Stylish design, Inbuilt Netflix, Google play store to download all your apps, a unique voice control feature, HDR Feature, Google assistant, Chromecast functioning.

Away from this beautiful and better working experience TV, have we ever wondered how much they will cost in Ghanaian cedis? Let’s discover more about the prices of these TCL Televisions below;

TCL TV prices in Ghana for Smart, LED, and 4K models in 2020

Name and Size of the Television                                                               PRICES IN CEDIS

  • 32 inch Android AI TV                                                                     990
  • 32” satellite TV                                                                                  750
  • 49 inch Android AI TV                                                                     1,450
  • 43” Satellite TV                                                                                  1,600
  • 43 inch Android AI TV                                                                     1,900
  • 49” Satellite TV                                                                                  2,000
  • 43 inch SMART UHD TV                                                                  2,500
  • 49” Android AI TV                                                                            2,500
  • 49” SMART S2 CURVE TV                                                               2800
  • 49” SMART UHD TV                                                                         3,500
  • 50” SMART UHD TV                                                                         3,500
  • 55 QLED SMART TV                                                                          6,200
  • 55” SMART S2 CURVE TV                                                               4,000
  • 55” SMART UHD TV                                                                         4,000
  • 65” QLED SMART CURVE TV                                                         13,000
  • 65” QLED SMART TV                                                                        9,100

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