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Why Your Smartphone Gets Hot And How To Prevent It

Some of the reason why your smartphone gets hot and the best way to prevent it without stress. Brief message Sometimes our smartphones make hot a bit during excessive use. This is quite normal and nothing to be alarmed about. During excessive use of your smartphone, your phone may draw a lot of power from… Read More »

Causes Of Android Phone Explosions 2022

Causes Of Android Phone Explosions. Android phones and its Battery(cell ) when ‘ON’ is a Bomb. A big bomb like a military grenade that can explode to kill someone using it and kill persons within a radius of 2 meters from the phone. When does Android Explosion occur? When the Cell phone is over charged… Read More »

Networks Unlimited Africa Commits To SA Education

Networks Unlimited Africa Commits To SA Education. “Businesses in South Africa need to have some positive about education and commit themselves to playing their responsibility in educating children in South Africa – the onus cannot lie only on the state.” This was the message from Anton Jacobsz, the Chief Executive Officer of Networks Unlimited Africa,… Read More »