Startimes Decoder Price in Ghana

By | October 28, 2021

This article will talk about Startimes decoder price in Ghana and some few details about StarTimes.

Startimes is one of the Digital Terrestrial Television Networks in Ghana; it has provided an excellent opportunity for those who want to switch from analog signal TV to digital.

StarTimes is available in about 30 countries with over 20 million subscribers for their DVB and OTT subscriptions.

If you are reading this, then I know you have heard about StarTimes. This post will let you know the price of the StarTimes decoder in Ghana.

StarTimes Decoder Price in Ghana

StarTimes decoder costs around the prices GHsS 80 and GHS 140, depending on where you buy.

When you first buy the Startimes decoder, you will get a one-month free subscription, and you will get access to over 400 channels. After one month, then you start paying for your monthly subscriptions.

StarTimes TV Channels

Below are some channels you will find on StarTimes. This includes channels relating to news, entertainment, religion, music, Indian movies, kids’ channels, lifestyle, movies, and series.

  1. SartTimes Swahili
  2. StarTimes Sports Focus
  3. StarTimes Zone
  4. StarTimes Sports Focus
  5. StarTimes KungFu
  6. StarTimes Dadin Kowa
  7. StarTimes Music
  8. NTA News 24
  9. E-Stars
  10. SilverBird TV
  11. Farin Wata
  12. Orison
  13. TVC News
  14. Da Vinci
  15. Dove TV
  16. Iqraa
  17. Smile of a Child
  18. AMC Movies
  19. CGTN Documentary
  20. Mindset Learn
  21. Deen Channel
  22. CNC World
  23. CCTV 4
  24. Max TV
  25. UTV
  26. Wap TV
  27. DW
  28. EWTN
  29. Fox P
  30. Zee Channel
  31. ST Adepa
  32. ST Kids
  33. ST Naija
  34. TV3
  35. NGW
  36. ST Bollywood Africa
  37. E!
  38. ST SA Music
  39. Emmanuel
  40. ST Yoruba
  41. France 24 E
  43. Nigezie
  44. Nickelodeon
  45. and many more …

StarTimes Subscription Packages (Bouquets)

There are four different monthly subscriptions on StarTimes in Ghana, which they call bouquets. Each subscription has a number of channels available.

The bouquets include;

  • StarTimes Nova – GHS 20
  • StarTimes Smart – GHS 45
  • StarTimes Super – GHS 75
  • StarTimes Chinese – GHS 100
  • StarTimes French – GHS 80

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