Shipping From China To Ghana (2021 Guide)

China is one of the many countries around the globe that many people depend on their goods and products; their way of production has given the country a good name in the world market.

Many people from Ghana put their trust and faith in goods that come from this Asian country, therefore, they go to this country not only to witness the good things in this country but to purchase items to make a sale in Ghana.

Before all these goods will come to Ghana, it goes through a lot of processes; this process involves the shipping of the products which seems to be the basic way of bringing these beautiful Chinese products into the West African country.

In this article, we look at some of the companies that ships products to Ghana.

Shipping From China to Ghana | China Logistics Services Forwarder
Check below on how to Ship from China to Ghana easily in 2021.


This is one of the top shipping companies in China that delivers items directly from China to Ghana, this company runs a door to door service to their customers, where they provide a one stop service also by land, air and sea. They are truly reliable, fast and secure. Aquantuo do not only provide service to Ghanaians alone but Kenya as well. Their charges are also affordable and one that many can depend on.

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This shipping company provide to its customers an outstanding global coverage connecting all of the world’s trade centers, they provide Ghanaians with a shipping ability from China to Ghana with an in-depth understanding of individual overseas markets and dynamic of specific trades. They are currently aiming 200 global routes to 500 ports in over 155 countries. They offer one of the competitive affordable rates and transit times.


With MACTEL Logistics, there is a guarantee for your items to get shipping to Ghana — from Chine safely. Anywhere you are in Ghana, you can visit MACTEL Logistics for your shipping needs on affordable prices.

To get in touch with MACTEL Logistics, kindly call or WhatsApp via: +233 24 164 8023 +233 50 268 9513 or email: [email protected]


This shipping company was established in the year 2013, they take pride in providing efficient logistic and shipping services to a wide companies across China. They make sure that their customers who have their addresses directed to Ghana receive their goods at ease. Their services are suitable for companies of all sizes which allow ensuring that all your goods are well taken care of, from the very beginning till the very end.

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They have the vast experience in shipping products from China to Ghana. They offer a custom clearance service. They keep a very close eye on Ghana’s customs policy and continuously update their team to provide smooth service; they also have connections with local customs brokers in Ghana as well.


This Company also handles much kind of goods from China to Ghana including general merchandise, chemicals goods, brand goods, etc. They also provide competitive shipping rates; they also have better experience in making CTN and COC certificates so that consignee can finish the customs clearance successfully in Ghana.

If you are looking for how to ship from China to Ghana, then this article is useful for you to check out.

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