How To Download WhatsApp App On Your Phone

By | August 13, 2023

Downloading WhatsApp App On Your Phone is the primary action taken by every new smartphone user, after configuration of smartphone and setting up internet connection.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. Almost every smartphone user has this app on their phone.

This article will look at how to download the WhatsApp app on your phone either iPhone or an Android phone.

Why do you need to Download WhatsApp?

  • It is the most popular messaging app in the world, with over two billion users worldwide.
  • It has very cheap compared to SMS. Unlike SMS, WhatsApp uses internet data to transfer messages, making it more affordable than our old days SMS.
  • It allows you to send files to others easily. With WhatsApp, you can send pictures, videos, documents, and other kinds of files through the app, which can be received instantly.
  • You can call friends abroad at the cheapest rate. Since WhatsApp uses a data bundle, calling friends from different countries has become more affordable and convenient.
  • Amazing feature. WhatsApp has a lot of features like sending stickers and emoticons or emojis to express your feelings.

How to Download WhatsApp App on Android

Downloading WhatsApp on your android is very easy. You can download it through Playstore or using other external sources. We will look at the two ways you can download and install WhatsApp on your android device.

Method 1: How to Download WhatsApp from PlayStore

  1. Open the Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the search box and search for WhatsApp.
  3. You will see a lot of results. Tap on WhatsApp Messenger from WhatsApp LLC.
  4. Tap on the Install button and wait till your WhatsApp App is fully downloaded and Installed.
  5. Tap on Open to register your WhatsApp App.

Method 2: How to Install WhatsApp using APK file

Using this method, make sure you have enabled the install apps from unknown sources in your phone settings.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Download button to download the official APK file from WhatsApp LLC.
  3. Wait for some time for your file to be downloaded. The time depends on your internet speed. 
  4. After the APK file has been downloaded successfully, locate and open the downloaded file.
  5. A message will appear on your screen saying you are installing an App from an unknown source, tap on OK or accept.
  6. Wait for some time for WhatsApp to install on your system completely.

How to Download WhatsApp on an iPhone

  1. Open your App Store.
  2. Search for WhatsApp.
  3. From the search result, look through and tap on WhatsApp Messenger from WhatsApp LLC.
  4. Tap on the GET button and wait for some time for WhatsApp to be completely installed on your phone.
  5. Now that you have successfully installed WhatsApp on your iPhone. Open the app and agree to their terms and conditions.
  6. Please enter your phone number and verify it.

How To Install WhatsApp On Your Smartphone

Many people after downloading the WhatsApp application on their phone, seeking for the help of others to install the WhatsApp and configure for them. But this post is here to help you to be able to install and configure your WhatsApp to start chatting with friends and loved ones now.

  • After downloading WhatsApp from your Playstore, then tap on the WhatsApp Messenger. Tap the INSTALL button.
  • Open WhatsApp and continue to the next screen by agreeing to our Terms of Service.
  • Register your phone number.
  • If a backup of your chat history was found and you would like to restore it, choose Restore. …
  • Enter your name.
  • You have now installed WhatsApp successfully

Congratulations! You are now free to start chatting with friends and your loved ones on your smartphone.

If you entered a name to register for your WhatsApp account and would love to change it later, there is a guide to follow about how to do that.

How To Change Name On WhatsApp

This explains further about how to change your name that is used on WhatsApp.

To change your name on WhatsApp, you can do this simply by tapping on the More options > Settings, and tapping on your profile name.

You can now change the name on WhatsApp to any name you prefer.

Can’t Download Or Install WhatsApp On Your Phone?

If you are unable to download or install WhatsApp on your phone, kindly follow the simple steps below.

Being unable to download or install WhatsApp on your smartphone may be due to some minor issue such as insufficient memory space. Whenever this happens to you, all that you have to do is to try to clear Google Play Store’s cache and data.

How To Clear Google Play Store Cache

To be able to clear Google Play Store cache on your phone, all you will have to do is;

  1. Go to your device’s Settings, then tap Apps & notifications > Google Play Store > App info > Storage > CLEAR CACHE.
  2. Tap CLEAR DATA > OK.
  3. Restart your device, then try installing WhatsApp again.

If you’re still unable to install WhatsApp, try the following:

  • Delete data and apps you no longer use.
  • Move data and apps to your external SD card.
  • Clear cached data by opening your phone’s Settings > Apps & Notifications WhatsApp > Storage & cache Clear cache > Clear storage.

A minimum of 1 GB of free space is recommended when installing or updating apps.

Note: If you delete your WhatsApp photos, voice messages, or videos, you can’t see or listen to them anymore.

Video Of How To Download WhatsApp

A complete video to guide you about how to download and install WhatsApp on your smartphone.


Now that you have your WhatsApp installed on your phone, you can also read how you can update WhatsApp when there is the latest version or update of the app.

We have given you much information you would need to go about on How To Download WhatsApp App On Your Phone and you can check some of the frequently asked questions about How To Download WhatsApp App On Your Phone.

Go to the Google Play Store, then search for WhatsApp Messenger. Tap INSTALL. Open WhatsApp and continue to the next screen by agreeing to our Terms of Service. Register your phone number.

How To Download WhatsApp App On Your Phone FAQs

What happens if I uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall?

Meaning, after reinstallation of WhatsApp, you will have the same account and privacy settings. Similarly, the previously blocked numbers will continue to appear in the block list. However, when you delete your WhatsApp account, all the settings and blocked numbers will be reset and deleted

How do I reinstall WhatsApp on my iPhone?

To reinstall WhatsApp without data loss, download the app from the Apple store and open it on your iPhone, then follow the steps below: After installing the app, verify your number and the iCloud ID. Select the “Restore from iCloud” option to restore your backed-up messages.

How do I join WhatsApp on my iPhone?

To join WhatsApp on your iPhone, all you will need to do is to download and install WhatsApp from Apple Play Store.

Today, we are glad to provide you more updates about How To Download WhatsApp App On Your Phone, how to install whatsapp on phone, and the step by step guide on how to download whatsapp on android from ICT Catalogue.

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