How To Send Money Across Africa With Waya Money

By | November 7, 2020

Waya Money is on the mission in helping to solve cross border payment across Africa and today’s article is solely about how you too can make use of this platform to send money without stress.

In previous days, sending and receiving money across African countries was not an easy task at all. The only option that could be heard was Western Union, until Money Gram and Rio Money Transfer joined the revolution.

Today, you can sit as you want from the comfort of your room and make payment to a friend, family member or business partner the convenient way. You don’t need to step outside before sending or receiving money with todays digital age we live.

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Imagine how difficulty it was to send money from Ghana to someone in South Africa, just because of the transfer bearer and the charges that will be involved.

Today, Waya is one the mission to lift this problem of sending and receiving money in Africa. Now, thanks to “Waya” as an innovative companies emerging in the fintech space today.

Waya via their platform “Waya Money” is here to ensure that payments and transfers across Africa are as simple and as instant as local mobile money transfers.

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Waya as a fintech company provides cross-border and cross-network payment and money transfer solutions for Africans through their interoperability platform that connects with banks, mobile money operators and other digital payment providers.

Waya makes it so simpler to send money from Ghana to people in countries like Kenya and Nigeria. If you reside in Nigeria also, you can send money to someone in Ghana and Kenya. People living in Kenya can also send money from their place to people and businesses in Ghana and Nigeria.

Unlike Mobile Money operators having that allow you to have mobile money wallets, Waya does not have a wallet and instead, money is paid directly into a mobile money wallet or a bank account instantly. A sender gets back his or her money within 30 minutes if money transferred does not reach the receiver without any charge.

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Waya allows you to transfer money from your Mobile Money wallet in Ghana as low as GHS 5 to a bank account in Nigeria — for payment. That’s the innovation brought by emerging fintech.

Now, let us take a look at how you can make use of this fintech platform, Waya to send mobile the interoperability way.

How To Send Money Across Africa Using Waya

  • Download Waya App from Google Play Store or iOS users
  • Create an account
  • Start making payments across

Kindly note that Waya allows Ghanaians to transfer money for free — from their mobile money account to all networks in Ghana.

Also, Waya is on the mission to expand to other countries like South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Liberia, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Waya Money Transfer

What Is Waya Money Transfer?

Waya Money is a financial technology company that is providing cross-border and cross-network payments. Their interoperability platform connects with banks, mobile money operators and other digital payments providers from all over the world to serve Africa.

Waya Money Registration

If you want to know Waya Money registration, you first of all need to be a citizen of Ghana, Kenya or Nigeria. Then provide your requirements such as you current email address, a valid phone number, a valid Identification Card (Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s license, National ID card), a selfie photo of you.

What Countries Are Waya Money Operating?

Currently, Waya Money is working in countries such as Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

How To Save Money With Waya Money Transfer

On how to save money with Waya Money, it helps you keep track of your monthly expenses, set achievable targets and cut back.

Is Waya Money Legit or Scam?

So far so good, there has been no report about Waya Money as a scam. This truely confirm that Waya Money is legit and authentic for all your monetary transactions.

We are glad to keep you updated on how to send money cross-borders using Waya as digital payment platform in Africa.

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