Samsung TV 32 Inch Price in Ghana 2022

Many TV brands are available in the market today, but to most people in Ghana, Samsung has been their preferred TV brand. Samsung has been among the top brands when it comes to Television, not for only Ghanaians but the whole world. People prefer Samsung TVs because they have quality and high-resolution images; it is also popular; this makes it possible for almost all TV repairers to fix almost any fault, and it is very easy to get replaceable other gadgets of Samsung Televisions.

There are many types of Samsung’s 32 inches Televisions available on the market in Ghana here. In this post we will look at the various types of Samsung 32 inches Televisions and their estimated prices.

The Samsung 32 Inches Television prices in Ghana are from GHS to GHS, depending on the type of Television you want. With so many different brands and types of Samsung TVs, it might be challenging to stay on top of what’s going on sale. This blog post will talk about the prices of each model and what they are currently selling for.

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Samsung 32 Inch Digital Satellite TV

The Samsung LED Satellite TV allows you to experience a full High Definition (HD) display. This 32-inch Television has a USB port, two HDMI ports, and a colour enhancer that gives the best colour of objects seen on the TV.

Furthermore, the dimensions; without the stand, this Television has a 737.4mm wide, 438.0mm in height and 74.1mm diagonal 74.1mm. The stand extends the height to 465.4mm and makes the diagonal 150.5mm.

The price of Samsung 32 inches digital satellite TV with HD is estimated to be around GHS 1,500.00. However, you can get a price that will be above or below this amount depending on the time and kind of place you will buy from but expect a price around the given price up there.

Samsung 32 Inch LED FHD Smart TV

This 32 inches Samsung Smart Tv enables you to watch videos and TVs in a full HD of 1080p resolutions.

This TV has a USB port and two HDMI ports. It also has Wi-Fi or ethernet connection capabilities which allows you to connect to the internet.

This Smart TV has the following Samsung features; Smart TV, AllShare, Dolby Digital Plus, PurColour, Connect and Share, SmartThings App support and Micro Dimming Pro.

The price of this 32 inches Samsung Smart TV is around the amount of GHS 2000.00. Depending on the place you will buy from and the time. But expect an amount that is close to GHS 2000.

Where to Buy Samsung TV in Ghana

There are many Samsung shops across the nation, both physical shops and online platforms.

The best way to check for stores that sell original Samsung products and are recommended by Samsung is by checking from their website.

When you visit Samsung’s website, select your product and click on Where to buy. Choose your preferred type of shop, either physical or online store.

This will list all the shops you can get the product. Below are some online platforms recommended by Samsung in case you wanna buy a Television.

  1. Electroland Ghana
  2. CompuGhana


I can not stress enough to say Samsung is the most preferred brand for Television. If you are willing to buy a Samsung TV, then I will encourage you to go for it. Although their prices are a little higher than other brands, I can say their products are worth their prices.

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