How To Buy Apps on Google Play Store Using AirtelTigo Money

Using your AirtelTigo Money wallet to purchase Android apps from Google Play Store has become the fastest way to buy mobile application for your newly purchased smartphone in Ghana.

AirtelTigo Ghana now has solution after the long awaited time to buy android apps using our mobile money wallet in Ghana.

In today’s article guide, I will like to provide you with the step by step to be able to buy android app using AirtelTigo Money account in Ghana.

How To Buy Apps on Google Play Store Using AirtelTigo Money

You will have to set up your method of payment on Google Play and make your first purchase using your AirtelTigo Money.

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone
  2. Tap the menu icon and select Payment Methods to add your AirtelTigo Money account
  3. Choose AirtelTigo Money billing to fill your details
  4. Fill your Name, Street Address and City
  5. Click Save to complete the process

After configuring your payment method on Google Plat Store app, you can now start buying your apps, games and e-books that are available on Play Store.

Setting your payment method with AirtelTigo Money also help you make in-app purchases in Android apps.

How To Buy Using Your AirtelTigo Money

  • Search for the Android app or file
  • Tap on the price
  • Select AirtelTigo Money as your preferred payment method
  • Click on purchase to confirm the transaction
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You are now done with How To Buy Apps on Google Play Store Using AirtelTigo Money.

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