How To Recover Your E-SPV Password or Username In Ghana 2021

By | July 20, 2021

Recover or resetting your E-SPV return system password or username should be an important task for you to perform if you have forgotten your password or username in Ghana.

As an employee under the Government of Ghana receiving payment through Controller and Accountants General’s Department of Ghana. You would be able to check your salary via the E-SPV return system portal with your username and password created on Government of Ghana Electronic Salary Payment Voucher.

If you have forgotten either your password or username or both, the system has provided an option that will enable you to reset or retrieve them.

I would like to walk you through How To Recover Your E-SPV Password or Username In Ghana easily in 2021.

Follow the steps provided below to reset your password or retrieve your username.

  1. Go to the site
  2. Beneath the login form, click on the red link Can’t access your account, which is below the login button.
  3. On the left side, select whether you’ve forgotten your password, username or both.
  4. On the right side, enter your phone number.
  5. Click on Reset
  6. You’ll receive an SMS that will let you reset your password.

Benefits of the E-SPV Return System

  1. Removal of ghost names from the payroll system. The E-SPV system has helped in the removal of paying dead people salaries to others and other illegal payments.
  2. Improved delivery of services. The E-SPV has reduced the work of workers at the Accountant General’s office. With the help of computers, workers can efficiently and easily deliver their services within a short time.
  3. Enhanced security. Unlike the manual process, individuals can manipulate the system or make wrong input which may affect others. Also, since each user of this system has an assigned password and username, this will prevent others from accessing the system.
  4. It has reduced the cost of managing payroll. Although the government invest a huge amount of money to implement this system, it has also catered for the cost of expensive manual processes.

The GOGSPV has been very important for employees since they can now access their accounts with the assurance of safety and accuracy — to check for their salary status from work places or at home via electronic gadget connected to the internet.

You can check how to register for E-SPV Return System and activate account or How to login and validate your E-SPV return system in Ghana here.

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