Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test For 2021

By | July 20, 2021

The Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test has come for the year 2021 and interesting Ghanaians can check and read for more information here.

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) consists of three revenue agencies which include the Customs, Excise, and Preventive Service (CEPS), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Value Added Tax Service (VATS), and the Revenue Agencies Governing Board (RAGB) in agreement with the Ghana Revenue Authority Act 2009, (Act 791).

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) was established in 2009, with its primary objective is to ensure maximum compliance with all relevant tax laws to ensure a sustainable revenue stream for the government, trade facilitation, and a controlled and secure flow of goods across the country’s borders.

They also manage a series of international agreements that govern our relations with other tax jurisdictions and institutions, such as World Customs Organization Protocols, World Trade Organization Protocols, Double Taxation, and Information Exchange Agreements.

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) conduct aptitude test to assess general intelligence, mathematical knowledge, understanding of general English, and knowledge about their applicants’ income tax and wealth tax.

In our today’s article, I would like to give you more information about Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test For 2021.

Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test Syllabus

The aptitude test has been divided into four main parts, which includes :
General Intelligence: This part includes verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Also, some simple topics like similarities, analogies, and visualization of space, etc.
Arithmetic Ability also consists of the applicant’s knowledge about some mathematical concepts such as word problems, probability, statistics, etc.
General English: To ensure effective communication of candidates, this English test tests how their applicants understand the English language.

Wealth and Income Tax: Applicants must also learn a bit about taxation and other related topics.

Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test Sample Questions

Question: What is the GRA Motto?
Suggested Answer: Integrity, Fairness, and Service

Question: When was the GRA established?
Suggested Answer: The Authority was established in 2009 as a merger of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), Value Added Tax Service (VATS), and the Revenue Agencies Governing Board (RAGB) Secretariat.

Question: What are the functions of the GRA?
Suggested Answer: (I) Integrate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Value Added Tax Service (VATS) into domestic tax operations on functional lines. (II) Integrate the management of Domestic Tax and Customs. (III) Modernise Domestic Tax and Customs operations through the review of processes and procedures with ICT as the backbone

Question: What are the envisaged benefits to taxpayers and the tax administration?
Suggested Answer: (I) Reduced administrative and tax compliance cost
(II) Better service delivery
(III) Improved departmental information flow.
(IV) Holistic approach to domestic tax and customs administration
(V) Enhanced revenue mobilisation

Question: What is the GRA vision?
Suggested Answer: “To be a world class revenue administration recognised for professionalism, integrity, and excellence.”

Question: What is the GRA Mission?
Suggested Answer: “To mobilise revenue for national development in a transparent, fair, effective and efficient manner.”


is there any mathematics questions in the ceps aptitude test?

Yes, there is Mathematics questions in the Aptitude Test.

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