MLB Wordle Unlimited – Wordle Game for Baseball Fanatics

By | November 15, 2023

The MLB Wordle Unlimited is one of the best Wordle Game for Baseball Fanatics you can look at — and learn how to play in 2023.

Have you ever asked yourself if there is a wordle game for Major League Baseball? Of course, we do have MLB Wordle Unlimited.

Wordle is the new entertainment for almost every sporting league. Most MLB fanatics thought they have been left out of the wordle craze. That is definitely not the case. There is an MLB Wordle Unlimited game for all MLB fanatics.

Earlier I wrote a few articles about other wordle games including the NBA Wordle Unlimited as well as NFL Wordle Unlimited. In this article, we will be looking at the MLB version of the wordle game.

If you have ever played MLB Wardle, then you have probably played this game before. Except it is no longer called by that name. It is now MLB Pickle.

I am here to show you everything you would need to know about the MLB Wordle Unlimited – Wordle Game for Baseball Fanatics.

How to play MLB Wordle Unlimited

The goal of this MLB wordle game is to guess the mystery MLB player of the day. All other similar games give you a maximum of eight chances but this particular one gives you up to nine chances.

You have nine chances to guess the correct player of the day and there are several clues to guide you through.

To play this game, you must visit in your web browser. You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below. If it doesn’t look similar, just click on “Play Now” and it should look like that.

MLB Wordle Unlimited - Wordle Game for Baseball Fanatics

To guess the mystery player of the day, you have to start typing the player’s name. A list of players will drop and you select the appropriate player you think might be the mystery player.

Before you jump right into the game, take a quick look at some guidelines and clues you must follow to guess the mystery player successfully.


One of the best clues in the game is the colors. There are only two colors which are green and yellow. These two colors can easily help you guess the mystery player. That will be of course, if you really know the majority of the baseball players.

Color Green
The color green in this game means is a match. Wherever the color green falls it means the player you selected matches the mystery player with that particular information.
For instance, I selected Sam Hilliard in my first selection and I had “BORN” and “AGE” green. It simply means our mystery player is USA born and 29 years of age. Automatically, this helps you cancel out all players that are under or above 29 and those that were not born in the USA.

Color Yellow
This is another color you will see in the game often. What it indicates is a close match. When the Yellow falls under “Lg/Div”, it means the mystery plays either the same league or division as the player you selected.
If it falls under “AGE”, it means there is about 2 years age difference between the mystery player and the player you selected. Yellow under position indicates that the mystery player at a point in his career played the same position as the player you selected.

All you have to do is get more information about the MLB players and trust me you can win this game every day.

We hope to make this useful post about MLB Wordle Unlimited – Wordle Game for Baseball Fanatics from your feedback.

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