How To Pay For Google Play Store Apps With MTN Mobile Money In Ghana

By | July 13, 2021

MTN Mobile Money service remains to be on of the popular Mobile money services used in Ghana for making and receiving payments, buying airtime and data bundles, paying for purchased items online on eCommerce websites and more.

Paying for your Google Play Store Android Apps with MTN Mobile Money is very simple and easier steps to follow if you are in Ghana.

The MTN Mobile Money service was integrated with Google Payments since 2018, making it possible to purchase apps and other Google Products and Services through your Mobile Money wallet.

Not everyone is interested in using his or her bank account details or Visa Card to purchase things online, and MTN Mobile money has advanced to this level — helping individual subscribers to buy Google Play Android apps without using Visa or Master Card.

In today’s article, I would like to show you how to use MTN Mobile Money to Buy Apps on Google Play Store in Ghana for 2021.

How to Use MTN Mobile Money to buy Apps and Games from the Google Play Store

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device by tapping the Play Store icon
  • Tap the menu icon to the left and select Account
  • Tap Payment Methods
  • Choose MTN Mobile Money
  • An SMS confirmation will be sent, wait for it. (You will not be charged for the SMS)
  • After confirmation, fill in your Name, Street Address, and City
  • Click Save to complete the process
  • Once done, you can now start buying apps and games on the Play Store.

Anyone not able to access the settings in the Google Play Store, can just go to android phone main Settings >> Accounts >> Google Settings >> Account Preferences and add Payment Methods.

This should help you to add your MTN Mobile Money as payment method. You need to also make sure you have not spent more than your MTN Mobile Money daily limit.

Always ensure that you have enough funds in your MTN Mobile Money wallet before buying or paying for any android apps or games you would love to buy and download.

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