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By | March 14, 2023

My Back Pain Coach Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy My Back Pain Coach.

A set of exercises called Back Pain Relief 4 Life will assist you in finding long-term relief from back pain. It can be done in the convenience of your own home and requires neither medication nor surgery.

One of the most excruciating pains you can have is back pain. Additionally, since the back is interconnected with the rest of our bodies, pain in one area can easily spread to another. These days, not only in adults but also in children, it is becoming more prevalent. Our bad posture from using phones and laptops is the main cause of this.

The only treatment, according to medical professionals, is daily medication or surgery of some kind. These operations typically only have a 50 percent chance of success in addition to costing a fortune. Even worse, there’s a chance you could become permanently paralyzed. So, is there not a less dangerous way to treat back pain? Back Pain Relief Number Four You need life more than anything.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life: What is it?
A set of exercises called Back Pain Relief 4 Life will assist you in finding long-term relief from back pain. It can be done in the convenience of your own home and requires neither medication nor surgery. You’ll be finished with these exercises in about 16 minutes. It is a series of eight exercises that last two minutes and only call for a pillow and a towel.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life’s  Ian Hart, the creator holds a certificate in body conditioning and strength. Numerous reputable media outlets, including Men’s Health Magazine, the FOX morning show, CBS Plus, etc., have featured him. He once experienced excruciating back pain. He visited numerous nations in his quest to find a permanent cure for back pain.

He met Dojan, a coach, in Serbia. Dojan informed him about this 16-minute Serbian exercise after observing how much pain he was in. Dr. Ian’s pain vanished after just one session of this exercise, which also completely transformed his life. He now made it his life’s work to teach as many people as he could this information.

What is the procedure for the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program?
We must first comprehend the primary cause of back pain in order to comprehend how the program functions. Our back pain is primarily caused by a muscle imbalance. When your muscles are out of balance, one side of your body is essentially working much harder than the other. As a result, one side becomes significantly stronger while the other becomes noticeably weaker.

Long periods of hunched-over sitting can contribute to this. This is because your legs and core tighten when you sit with poor posture. On the other hand, the back muscles that protect your spine start to deteriorate. Your spine and lower back now experience needless stress and pressure as a result of this. The “Tug of War Effect” is the name for this.

Due to the blood flow toward the back being slowed, some nutrients cannot get there. Over time, it gradually harms the spine. These factors taken together are what is causing our back pain. Sciatica and other back-related illnesses are caused by it.

So, we must correct muscle imbalance in order to treat back pain. Exactly for this purpose are the eight movements.

The muscles that are out of balance are activated by movement #1.

The second movement wakes up the hip muscles and lower back so they can get ready for relief.

Since all of the misaligned muscles are now engaged, Movement #3 begins to relieve your pain. Your back begins to loosen up, which initially lessens your back pain.

The fourth movement now begins to supply the hip and lower back with the blood, nutrients, and oxygen they need.

The ground-breaking movement is #5. Your lower back is decompressed, which virtually eliminates all of your pain. It begins realigning your body to prevent future pain now that the discomfort is almost gone.

Our entire body is balanced and aligned in movement number six, including the lower back and the spine.

Now that Movement #7 has been completed, our spine, lower back, hips, and upper back are all aligned in their proper positions.

Finally, Movement #8 gradually shortens our spine. All of the old blood from the discs is now expelled by the spine, allowing fresh, nutrient-rich blood to enter. This promotes even quicker healing and pain relief.

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is intended for whom?
This program is made for back pain sufferers who are sick of continually shelling out cash for pricey treatments. Even temporary pain relief is not offered by therapies like acupuncture, back therapy massages, and chiropractic adjustments. Back Pain Relief 4 Life is advantageous for everyone as a result.

This set of exercises has many other advantages besides just easing your back pain. Listed below are a few of them:

It delivers blood that is rich in nutrients to areas of your body besides your spine.

Your posture is improved, your body becomes more flexible, chronic inflammation is reduced, your brain is forced to work harder, which enhances thinking, your sleep is peaceful, and the relationship between your body and mind is strengthened.

The Back Pain Relief for Life program consists of three distinct parts. You also receive a fourth bonus in addition to these three.

Component 1
The Main Program comes first. It consists of a 28-minute Dr. Ian Hart video masterclass. He thoroughly explains the eight 2-minute movements that make up the program’s core in this masterclass. He also describes the complete order of the movements. You also receive simple-to-follow diagrams that explain these movements.

2nd Component
The “10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions for Faster Relief” make up Component 2. You must watch this if you want even temporary relief from back pain. It goes into great detail about how these movements can make you feel better physically. It also includes additional advice that you can incorporate into your 16-minute session. This speeds up the process of treating your back pain.

3rd component
You have full access to Dr. Ian Hart’s personal email through Component 3. Anytime you want to ask him a question, message him. You know exactly what kind of discomfort you are experiencing around him. The 16-minute workout will then be modified with his help to suit your individual needs.

Bonus Added
You receive an additional bonus with this program called the “Begin your Day Video Program.” It basically consists of a quick morning routine that exercises your back. This makes sure that you don’t have any back pain at all throughout the day.

The only place to purchase Back Pain Relief 4 Life is on the official website. They are currently providing the program at a reduced cost. The full program typically sells for $99.95. However, it is only $67 because it is on sale.

Policy on Refunds
On this product, Dr. Ian Hart offers a full money-back guarantee. Within 60 days of your purchase, you may request this refund if you’re unhappy with the outcome.

Are there any negative side effects to it?
No. Only carefully considered exercises that have been shown to have no unfavorable side effects are included in the program.

Is a physical copy available?
You can, in fact, purchase physical copies. Simply choose “Physical Package” from the checkout page’s options. The cost of this is identical to that of digital access (except for a small shipping fee).

When can you expect to see results?
Many patients experience relief from back pain after just one session. Some people might need 2 or 3 sessions. Your level of pain will determine how you respond.

Final Thoughts
Without risky procedures or medication, Back Pain Relief 4 Life assists you in treating your back pain. Consider purchasing this program if you are sick of continually paying high medical bills.


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