MTN Zone: How To Buy Cheap MTN Data Bundle In Ghana – A Complete Guide 2022

By | December 27, 2021

Buying Cheap MTN Data bundles has become the desires of many MTN subscribers in Ghana — since MTN data packages are known to be expensive.

We all know how useful or important the internet is — and how it has become part of human lives. There is no single day most people can live without the use of the internet. But how do you subscribe to a data bundle if it is too expensive?

Well, many African countries are noted to be with the expensive data bundles which makes it important to make use of every megabytes or Gigabytes of data bundle you get.

Mobile networks operating in Ghana such as MTN, Vodafone, Glo, AirtelTigo all have data packages for its users to choose from. MTN Ghana brought its cheapest bundle which is MTN Midnight bundle offer, Vodafone Ghana brought the Vodafone Made4Me offer, AirtelTigo Ghana brought Airtel Sika Kokoo offer, Glo brought Glo Yakataa offer — for interesting internet users to subscribed to. You have the chance to subscribe to any data package according to your budget.

Today, we shall take a look into most of MTN data bundle packages in Ghana — according to their groupings. MTN Ghana has its data bundles such as; Midnight Bundles, Kokroko Bundles, Social Media Bundles, Video Bundles, and IDD Bundles. Though MTN has brought these data bundle packages, you should keep in mind that these data bundles are much expensive to subscribe to.

In today’s article guide, I shall take you through how to subscribe to the cheapest MTN data bundle in Ghana for 2022.

Most people would love to go for the normal bundle just because they do not know that there is a cheap MTN data bundle existing. This bundle we shall subscribe to is called MTN Zone.

MTN Zone Data Package Prices

  • 24MB for 0.50ps
  • 48.10MB for GH¢ 1.00
  • 471.70MB for GH¢ 3.00
  • 971.82 MB for GH¢ 10.00
  • 214.09 GB for GH¢ 399.00

How To Activate MTN Zone Data Bundle Offer

To be able to buy MTN Ghana’s cheapest data bundle, you need to subscribe to the offer with its short code. Kindly follow the guide below.

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Choose the option 1 — Activate
  3. You will receive a welcome message and instructions to subscribe to the offer with your phone

After dialing the *135# to activate the MTN Zone bundle offer, you should follow the instruction that says, dial *135*3*3# for information on setting up your handset

How to Buy The MTN Zone Cheap Data Bundles From MTN Ghana

To subscribe to a cheapest internet bundle from MTN Ghana, you would need to activate and subscribe to the MTN Zone bundles. This data bundle is valid for 24 hours and you can get as higher amount of data you want with GHS 4.79 for 5GB.

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Select the option 2 — Zone bundles
  3. Choose the option 1 — Data Zone Bundles
  4. Choose from the data packs with prices

Select Yes, when asked are you sure you want to buy the bundle of which you selected.

Congrats, you are now done with how to subscribe to cheap MTN data bundle pack in Ghana — that is the MTN Zone data bundles.

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