How To Claim MTN Ayo Insurance In Ghana – Complete Guide 2022

By | December 24, 2021

Making a claim on MTN Ayo Insurance is very important for any MTN Mobile Money subscriber — who has subscribed to the MTN Ayo Insurance policy via his or her phone.

If you are a mobile money subscriber in Ghana looking for a way to cushion your loved ones by insuring the money you send home, then think about MTN Ayo Insurance that lets you send with care.

In this article guide, I am about to educate you more on the steps on How To Claim MTN Ayo Insurance In Ghana for 2022.

What Is MTN Ayo Insurance?

MTN aYo is an insurance scheme that is operated by aYo and MTN Ghana. With the aYo send with care, all subscribers enjoy an insurance coverage for the money sent to loved ones by using the MTN Mobile Money short code.

MTN aYo Insuranc Benefits

  • Cover
  • Receive bonus value
  • Claims made easy

MTN aYo Insurance Costs

Though MTN aYo insurance is there to provide secure for your loved ones and families, you will have to pay small portion of the money you would be transferring via MTN Mobile Money. As a subscriber, you would be paying only 5% — that will be deducted from your MTN Mobile Money balance.

Check below for the MTN aYo Insurance costs.

  • If you send GHS50, the cost for Send with Care will be GHS2.50
  • If you send GHS400, the cost for Send with Care will be GHS20
  • If you send GHS900, the cost for Send with Care will be GHS450

It will be better you know these charges before transferring that money to your loved one with your MTN Mobile Money wallet.

How To Use MTN aYo, Send With Care

To be able to use the MTN aYo, Send with Care as an insurance offer, you would need to follow the steps below.

  • Dial MTN Mobile Money code, *170#
  • Select the option 1 — Transfer Money
  • Choose the option 3 — Send with Care
  • Choose the person to send to — from the options below. eg. Mobile Money user, My Family, MyCaretaker

How To Make A Claim On MTN aYo Insurance

This is the complete guide on how to claim your MTN aYo insurance, available in two (2) methods. As MTN Mobile Money subscriber to the MTN aYo Insurance, you can claim online or make use of the USSD.

How To Make A Claim On MTN aYo Insurance via Online

  1. Open the official portal,
  2. On top of the three (3) horizontal lines at the upper left, click on Initiate a claim
  3. Choose a claim for yourself by selecting MySelf or select Another Person for someone.
  4. Login in with your mobile number and PIN
  5. You can also click on No username and PIN, if you don’t have any
  6. Enter your name and the required information
  7. Provide the required documents
  8. MTN and aYo will review your documents and send your claim via MTN Mobile Money

How To Make A Claim On MTN aYo Insurance via USSD

  1. Dial *296# on your phone
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts and enter the required details
  3. Provide the required documents. (Evidence of death when making a death claim or evidence of hospitalization when making a hospitalization claim)
  4. You can provide the documents by sending them on WhatsApp to 0555948648
  5. Your documents will be reviewed and if you meet the requirements, your claim will be sent to you via Mobile Money (MoMo)

All MTN aYo Insurance Questions Answered

Is MTN aYo Insurance real?

Yes, the MTN aYo Insurance is a real program that a lot of MTN Mobile Money subscribers have benefited from. Your documents need to be accurate and you can make your claim easily.

What Is MTN aYo Policy?

The MTN aYo policy is a terms and conditions guiding the insurance offer. You or your beneficiary will get this in case of an unforeseen circumstances.

How Can I Get My MTN aYo Money?

To be able to get your MTN aYo Money, you would need to file or make a claim to aYo and you would be asked to add the required documents before your money will be sent to you.

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