MTN Hourly Bundle: Subscription Code, Packages And How to Subscribe In Ghana 2022

By | December 9, 2021

MTN Ghana is noted to be one of the popular mobile network operating under the National Communication Authority, and with the fastest speed when surfing the web and other social media apps online.

Per the tag; ‘Everywhere you go’, MTN Ghana has been available in provision of better network service to its subscribers both in urban and rural areas across the nation.

For affordable internet packages to enjoy moments of browsing with the internet, you are good to choose any of the MTN Ghana internet bundle offers. This can be either one of their daily bundle packs, weekly packs, monthly packs or unlimited MTN bundle subscription packages.

I have been wondering why numerous Ghanaians go for MTN Internet instead of other mobile network, until I found one of the cheapest internet bundle package at an affordable price.

In today’s article, I shall give you every necessary information you may need to know about the MTN Hourly bundle with its subscription code, prices and how to subscribe in 2021 below.

MTN Zonal Bundle

With the MTN Zonal Bundle, it comes with how to enjoy it based on your area. This is a 24 hours bundle package for MTN subscribers. Assuming you subscribed to the MTN Zonal Bundle by 7:30am, you are to use it before the next day by 7:30am. If not, it will be expired.

How to subscribe to MTN Zonal Bundle

Follow the steps below here to learn how to subscribe to the MTN Zonal Bundle offer with its subscription code.

  1. Dial *135# on your MTN SIM
  2. Choose the option 2 (Zonal Bundles)
  3. Next, select option 1 for Data Zone Bundles
  4. Choose from the menu
  5. Choose the Yes option if you would love to buy, or No if you are not ready

MTN Midnight Bundle

MTN Midnight bundle gives unlimited internet access from 12am to 5am each night. For Ghs1, get 2.87GB data and for Ghs2.99, get 8.59GB to browse between 12am to 5am.

Once you reach the cap for the amount you have subscribed for, your browsing speed will be throttled down to 128kbps for the rest of the night until 5am.

The MTN midnight bundle comes in prices; GHS 1 for 2.85GB, GHS 1.99 for 5.72GB, GHS 2.00 for 5.74GB

How to subscribe to MTN Zonal Bundle

  1. Dial *138# on your MTN
  2. Choose the option 2 — for Midnight Bundle
  3. Choose 1 — Buy for self or 2 — Buy for others
  4. Choose the option 1 — for Flexi
  5. Enter the amount you would love to buy (GHC 0-2.99) and you will see its corresponding midnight bundle pack.
  6. Choose to bundle with airtime or MoMo
  7. Confirm your bundle by receiving SMS from MTN Ghana

This is how easier it is to subscribe to the MTN Midnight bundle offer and enjoy moments of browsing from the comfort of your room.

Each and everyday, a lot of Ghanaians are looking for how to subscribe to the cheapest internet bundle pack on MTN and here is a useful article to guide you enjoy some of the cheapest and affordable internet bundle packs from MTN Ghana.

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