How To Subscribe To MTN Midnight Bundle And Use Bundle At Daytime In Ghana

By | June 14, 2021

The MTN Midnight data bundle offer has great and bigger internet bundle packages for all MTN subscribers on an affordable prices in Ghana.

Taking a look into other MTN bundle packages, the prices alone can cause headache for you while the MTN midnight bundle comes in cheaper and affordable rate for average internet lovers in Ghana.

In our today’s article, I would like to walk you through How To Subscribe To MTN Midnight Bundle And Use Bundle At Daytime in Ghana with simple tips added.

MTN Midnight Bundle Packages And Prices

MTN Ghana gives you a midnight bundle offer of 2.85GB for GH1 while GHS2 gives you 5.69GB that can be used from 12:00 midnight to 4:59am.

With this, I have the packages per their prices for you below.

Price (GHS)Bundle Pack (GB)

How to subscribe to MTN Midnight Bundle Offer

Here is all the steps involved in how to subscribe to MTN Midnight Bundle offer in Ghana for a cheaper bundle.

  • Dial the MTN bundle short code, *138#
  • Select the option 2 — for Midnight Bundle
  • Choose option 1 to Buy For Self or option 2 to Buy For Others
  • Follow the prompt and choose your preferred bundle package.

What happens to this internet bundle offer is that, it does not expire and when subscribed for it, you can use it anytime you want from the time range 12:00am till 4:59am.

How To Use MTN Midnight Bundle At Day time.

After knowing how to subscribe to the MTN Midnight bundle offer, it’s now important to know how to use the MTN midnight bundle at the day time as well. Here is the simple steps given below for you to be able to use the MTN midnight bundle at daytime in Ghana.

  • Go to the system phone settings
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Date & Time” button
  • Tap on the Automatic date & time
  • Choose the “Off” option
  • Now turn off Automatic time zone.

Simply set the time of your phone to 12am or the 00:00hrs in the 24hrs time zone.

After you have followed the above steps, you’re not yet done. You ought to do something else to make everything successful. After the above, the steps, just turn your phone to the Airplane mode or simply restart your device!

Make sure to close all mobile apps and off your data before restarting your smartphone.

MTN Ghana has interesting calls and data bundle packages for its subscribers to enjoy moments with the telecommunication company at cheaper prices. The MTN Midnight bundle is one of such offers in Ghana.

Hurray, enjoy the midnight bundle in the day time… Don’t keep this secret, spread the love. Share with friends and families.

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