MTN Ghana SIM Registration Portal: How To Check Your SIM Card Registration Details

By | June 4, 2023

The MTN Ghana SIM Registration Portal helps you learn how to check your SIM Card registration details.

Due to the SIM Card re-registration exercise ongoing in Ghana, many Ghanaians are entitled to first of all check for their SIM Card registration and update their details with their personal records with their Ghana Card.

With that, MTN Ghana has brought the SIM Registration Portal that will help you check for your MTN SIM Card registration status and update your details later.

Kindly use this portal to link your Ghana Card or check the registration status of your SIM [Unique Code Check]

Keep your Ghana Card handy and also be ready to provide proof of ownership where necessary.

MTN Ghana SIM Registration Portal

MTN Ghana has upgraded its SIM Registration web portal to enable customers link their Ghana Card to their data SIM card(s) seamlessly.

MTN Ghana is urging all customers who are yet to register their SIM cards to make use of its dedicated MTN SIM Registration Web Portal.

How To Check The Registration Status Of Your SIM

This is the easier way to check for the registration status of your SIM Card in Ghana online.

Visit the official portal to check your SIM Registration status: MTN SIM Registration Portal

Thick the box that states, “I agree to MTN’s Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy”

Click on Proceed

There will be a notice: “

Please ensure that you are the rightful owner of the MTN SIM card you are trying to register.”

Click on “Yes, I Am” button

Login by entering the MTN number you want to register or check the unique code for [registration status] and click next to proceed.

Kindly confirm if you can read OTP received on 05426XXXXX

Choose either No, Provide Alternate Number or Yes, Verify OTP

Verify OTP

Please enter the pin that has been sent to 0542XXXXXX. The pin expires in 00:59s

Enter the OTP under Kindly confirm the OTP boxes given below.

Next, click on Verify One-Time-Password

Now, MTN Ghana will send you the personal details that were used for the registration of your MTN Number indicating that you have linked your SIM Card to your Ghana Card.

Y’ello, you have already linked your sim to your Ghana Card. Kindly visit any of our branches to capture your biometrics. Thank you and keep safe!

Click on the “View Unique Code” button to proceed

MTN Ghana SIM Registration portal will display your information on the portal. Here is sample below.
Unique Code: XXF054XF

MTN Ghana SIM Registration Portal On How To Check Your SIM Card Registration Details.

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