List of Tech Bloggers in the UK

By | June 28, 2023

The UK is home to a thriving digital ecosystem that supports originality, creativity, and entrepreneurship. In this dynamic environment, a broad array of tech bloggers offers insightful analysis, opinions, and reviews on the most recent developments in technology. In this post, we give a hand-selected selection of some of the UK’s most well-respected and experienced technology bloggers, who provide distinctive viewpoints and expertise in the field.

List of Tech Bloggers in the UK

Kate Russell – Kate Russell’s Blog

Renowned tech journalist, author, and presenter Kate Russell has long been a leader in the UK IT sector. Her blog explores a range of technological topics, such as internet culture, digital trends, and cybersecurity. Her blog is a useful resource for both tech-savvy people and beginners due to Russell’s entertaining writing style and capacity to make difficult issues simple.

Gareth Halfacree – Gareth Halfacree’s Blog

Gareth Halfacree is a tech author, writer, and blogger who specializes in open-source hardware, embedded systems, and single-board computers. Halfacree delivers in-depth analyses, lessons, and evaluations of cutting-edge technology thanks to his extensive technical knowledge and skills. For anyone interested in hardware tinkering, coding, and DIY electronics, his site is a fantastic resource.

Rory Cellan-Jones – BBC Technology

The BBC’s technology reporter, Rory Cellan-Jones, writes on a wide variety of tech-related subjects. Cellan-Jones delivers comprehensive analyses and reports on new technologies, digital transformation, and the effects of technology on society according to his broad expertise and understanding of the sector. For anyone interested in how technology and everyday life intersect, his blog on the BBC website is a must-follow.

Holly Brockwell – Gadgette

The creator and editor-in-chief of the well-known tech site Gadgette, which features the newest consumer goods, gadgets, and technology news, is Holly Brockwell. Brockwell and her team cater to a broad audience with their entertaining content, informative reviews, and expert interviews with an emphasis on inclusiveness and diversity in the IT sector.

Alex Hern – The Guardian

Technology correspondent at The Guardian, Alex Hern, writes about a variety of tech-related subjects, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and online privacy. On the website of The Guardian, Hern posts in-depth stories, interviews, and analyses on events in the IT sector. He stands out as a thought leader because of his capacity to draw attention to the social and ethical consequences of technology.

Jane Wakefield – BBC Click

Journalist and reporter Jane Wakefield works for the venerable technology-focused TV program BBC Click. Wakefield offers thorough coverage of tech-related issues, including developing technologies, internet governance, and data protection, through her blog on the BBC website. Her blog is a useful resource for IT aficionados due to her subject matter expertise and connections to industry insiders.

Ian Morris – Forbes

Tech journalist Ian Morris writes for Forbes, where he examines the most recent developments and trends in the sector. Comprehensive writings on subjects including artificial intelligence, driverless cars, and future technology may be found on Morris’ blog. His blog is interesting to read because of his ability to combine technical knowledge with practical applications.

Kate Bevan – Which? Tech Daily

Respected technology writer Kate Bevan serves as the editor of Which? Tech Daily, a section of the consumer advocacy organisation Which? that focuses on technology. On her blog, she gives professional guidance, evaluations, and suggestions for consumer gadgets, software, and online services. Consumers benefit from Bevan’s insights as they navigate the rapidly evolving digital sector and make wise selections.

Christian Cawley

A well-known technology website called is edited by Christian Cawley. His site discusses a variety of tech-related subjects, such as software, how-to manuals, and product evaluations.

Zak Doffman

Digital Barriers creator and frequent Forbes contributor Zak Doffman writes on privacy and cybersecurity-related issues. His site offers information on the most recent risks, technology, and best practices in the field of digital security.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Technology author and writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes on a variety of tech-related subjects, such as smartphones, gadgets, software, and cybersecurity. For IT lovers, his blog provides reviews and helpful tips.

David McClelland

David McClelland is a technology journalist and presenter who writes a blog about a variety of topics related to the IT sector. He provides opinions on technology, consumer goods, software, and video games.

Jane McEntegart

Jane McEntegart offers thorough reviews, analysis, and news on computer hardware, components, and games in her capacity as Editor-in-Chief of Tom’s Hardware UK.


These tech bloggers from the UK offer readers insightful information and analysis to keep them up to date on the newest products, trends, and technological advancements. Their knowledge helps to shape conversations and offer advice to both tech enthusiasts and consumers.

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