List of Tech Bloggers in China

By | June 28, 2023

China is a center of innovation and technology on a worldwide scale, and the country’s thriving tech blogging community is home to important figures who shape the discourse on startups, technology, and digital trends. Chinese technology bloggers have established themselves as vital sources of data, research, and evaluations because of their large online audience and booming sector. We’ll talk about some of the well-known Chinese tech bloggers making waves in this article’s in-depth look at the country’s thriving tech scene.

List of Tech Bloggers in China

Pan JiutangĀ 

Blogger and well-known tech industry analyst Pan Jiutang is well-known for his knowledge of the Chinese smartphone market. Tech enthusiasts and experts follow his research and forecasts on smartphone developments, market competitiveness, and industry dynamics. Pan Jiutang offers insightful information on the dynamic landscape of Chinese smartphone producers and their influence on the worldwide market.

Lei Jun

Lei Jun is a well-known tech blogger in addition to being the co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, one of the top smartphone makers in China. Lei Jun is well known for his intelligent blog postings in which he discusses business, technology, and Xiaomi goods. His blog has a huge following and is used as a platform to interact directly with Xiaomi’s consumers and supporters.

Wang Sicong

The son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, Wang Sicong, has become well-known for both his extravagant lifestyle and his influence in the country’s IT sector. Wang Sicong invests in a variety of tech firms as the founder of Prometheus Capital, an investment fund that focuses on the technology sector, and he posts his analysis on social media. Despite controversy, his views on technological trends and investment opportunities are respected in the Chinese IT industry.

Lu Gang

One of the most prominent technological media platforms in China, TechNode, was founded and is led by Lu Gang. TechNode has a staff of committed writers and editors who cover a variety of subjects, such as e-commerce, startups, artificial intelligence, and venture capital. Lu Gang is a respected voice among computer fans and insiders thanks to his own blog, which offers in-depth analysis and comments on China’s IT landscape.

Luo Yonghao

Chinese smartphone company Smartisan was founded by the affable IT entrepreneur Luo Yonghao. Luo Yonghao, who is well known for being open and outspoken, utilizes his blog and social media accounts to convey his opinions on business, product design, and the IT sector. He has a devoted following thanks to his insightful writings and interviews, which have elevated him to the position of one of the most well-known tech opinion leaders in China.

Lao Yao

In China, Lao Yao, better known as “Geek Fanjian,” is a well-known tech blogger. Lao Yao offers thorough and in-depth assessments of the most recent technological items, with a concentration on cell phones, gadgets, and consumer electronics. His blog provides in-depth analysis of the layout, functionality, and user interface of many gadgets. Lao Yao has developed a sizable fan base among tech aficionados who rely on his evaluations when making purchases thanks to his knowledge and rigorous approach to assessing technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular tech bloggers in China?

A number of well-known Chinese tech bloggers have grown significantly in popularity and impact. A few of them are:

  1. Wang Sicong: He is a well-known tech blogger who also happens to be the son of Wang Jianlin, the man who founded the Dalian Wanda Group. He regularly speaks on esports, gaming, and tech-related subjects.
  2. Pan Jiutang: A well-known technology critic and expert in China. On a variety of tech-related subjects, such as cellphones, gadgets, and cutting-edge technology, he offers his analyses and comments.
  3. Li Nan: Tech blogger and writer Li Nan write on a variety of tech-related subjects, such as smartphones, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics. On his blog, he offers in-depth evaluations and commentary.

What are some popular tech blogging platforms in China?

There are a number of well-known tech blogging sites in China where writers may offer their analyses, evaluations, and viewpoints. Several of the well-known platforms are:

  1. Weibo: Is a microblogging website comparable to Twitter. Weibo is a popular platform used by Chinese tech bloggers to post their opinions, reviews, and news about the sector.
  2. Zhihu: Is a platform where users may ask questions and get answers from professionals in a variety of professions. On Zhihu, many tech bloggers take an active part, sharing their knowledge and experience on many tech-related themes.
  3. Tieba: Tieba is a platform for online forums where users may start and join discussions on a range of subjects. On Tieba, there are specific tech-related communities where bloggers and aficionados talk about the newest fashions, devices, and innovations.


Chinese tech bloggers have revolutionized how people use and interact with technology. These influencers, which range from CEOs and analysts to entrepreneurs and gadget gurus, change public opinion, stimulate innovation, and support a tech-savvy community. Their blogs have established themselves as reliable sources of information, providing a forum for debates, observations, and forecasts that have a significant influence on the digital world.

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