List of DSTV Movie Channels

By | November 23, 2022

List of DSTV Movie Channels – In this article, we will be taking a look at the list of movie channels on DSTV and this is aimed at helping you identify which channels are movie channels on DSTV.

About DSTV

MultiChoice’s Digital Satellite Television (DStv) is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service based in Randburg, South Africa.

The service, which debuted on October 6, 1995, provides subscribers, primarily in South Africa and Nigeria, with a variety of audio, radio, and television channels and services. DStv used to be known as United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) in Thailand, but it is now known as TrueVisions.

Over 200 television channels and radio stations are broadcasted by DStv. The list of channels varies by region in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There are five or six different bouquets/packages to choose from, as well as four add-on packages for premium film and series channels, Indian, Portuguese, and French channels.

Most modern DStv decoders also provide broadband and/or Wi-Fi access to MultiChoice’s streaming platform, Showmax, as well as other third-party apps.

Set-top boxes for DStv are manufactured by Altech UEC, Arris International, and Skyworth, a Chinese electronics company.

Among the options are a standard box with “XtraView” capabilities, an older personal video recorder, and the then-newest PVR box known as the Explora. The now-defunct Drifta decoder converts a DStv DVB-H signal to another digital device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, for portable in-home viewing.

DStv also offers a smartphone and tablet app, as well as a PC app, for controlling DVRs and parental controls, as well as access to recorded content and video on demand services. DStv Mobile was the name of the app until 2016, and DStv Now was the name until 2020.

List of DSTV Movie Channels

On DSTV, there are a lot of channels and these channels are movie channels. This section of the article will let you know about these channels so in the case that you are looking for a movie channel on DSTV, this article can be your reference;

101 M-Net
102 M-Net Edge
103 M-Net Movies Premiere
104 M-Net Movies Comedy
105 M-Net Movies Family
106 M-Net Movies Action+
107 M-Net Movies Romance
108 M-Net Movies Showcase
110 M-Net Movies Action
111 M-Net Movies Stars
112 Studio Universal
114 Vuzu Amp
115 M-Net City
116 Vuzu
125 Fox
126 Fox Crime
127 Sony Channel
128 Sony Max
137 Turner Classic Movies
138 True Movies 1
139 M-Net Movies Zone
140 eMoviesExtra
152 Africa Magic Epic
168 ROK

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