List Of Apple Stores In Ghana 2021

By | October 23, 2021

These are the list of genuine Apple dealer stores in Ghana, you can check and make purchase for any type of Apple product today.

When talking about Apple stores in Ghana, these are the shops that have numerous Apple products that are from Apple Inc — for sale in Ghana. In these stores, you can get any Apple product or gadget to buy for your basic needs and wants.

List of Products or Gadgets You Can Buy From Apple Stores In Ghana

Under some of the products you can make purchase for — from any Apple store are:

  • iPhones
  • iMac
  • Macbook laptops
  • iPad Tablets
  • iPods
  • Apple watch
  • Apple TV digital
  • Apple application software

You might be in a hurry to buy Apple Macbook laptop, iPhone or change any part of your Apple gadget you are using and would love to know the list of Apple stores in Ghana.

In this article guide below, I would list for you on all the Apple Stores that are operating in Ghana for 2021.


From any range of Apple product you would like to buy in Ghana, you can check from iStore at your region or city of residence. As someone using or about to use Apple product, you should think of where to get Apple products and best place to get Apple product’s services. iStore Ghana does not only sell Apple products, but also renders Apple product services in Ghana.

iStore Ghana has branches that are; iStore Accra and iStore Kumasi.

iStore Ghana in Accra

You can contact iStore Ghana’s branch in Accra for any Apple product or Apple product’s services.

  • Address: G 17 Accra Mall, Plot C-11, Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 544 33 6856
  • Website:

iStore Ghana in Kumasi

This is the iStore Ghana branche in Kumasi location and contact details for you as Apple lover.

  • Address: Shop #70, Kumasi City Mall, Asokwa – Kumasi
  • Phone: +233 555723348

Apple Club Ghana

Despite iStore Ghana selling all Apple products and rendering Apple services, Apple Club Ghana is the next Apple Store you can visit and make purchase for any gadget you want. You can check below and contact them if you are yet to make purchase for Apple Laptops, iMac, iPhone, Airpod, iPod or accessories.

Currently, Apple Club Ghana is operating online — due to the outbreak of the global pandemic coronavirus.

Apple Club Ghana Contact

  • Address: Legon Pentagon, Accra – Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 247875850

Apple Certified

The Apple Certified is one of the Apple registered companies in Ghana the has anything Apple products and Apple services. If you live anywhere in Accra, you can check by Apple Certified to buy any kind of Apple products.

This is Apple Certified contact below:

Apple Certified Contact

  • Address: Apple Certified is located near Dansoman Round About, Accra – Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 551088815

Tadi Apple Shop

Takoradi is a city in Western Region, that is best trading town. Anytime you are in Takoradi and looking for any nearby Apple store or shop in Takoradi, then consider Tadi Apple Shop Ltd for all your Apple gadgets or services.

Tadi Apple Shop Ltd Contact

  • Address: Tadi Apple Shop Ltd is located at Busumakura Blvd, Takoradi, Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 20 825 5876

A4 Apple Ghana

If you want to buy anything Apple like; MacBook, iPhones, Apple watches, Air Pod, iPad, iMac and many others, you should consider A4 Apple Ghana.

A4 Apple Ghana Contact

A4 Apple Ghana is a registered Apple Shop, Authorised Apple retailer shop you can buy from. Check below for their contact details.

  • Address: A4 Apple Ghana is located Opposite Alimens Gas Filling Station, Tarkwa, Western Region – Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 557666902

iSHOP Ghana

Just like iStore Ghana, the iShop Ghana also deals in a wide range of Apple products and services you can visit them for. From the sales of iPhones, MacBooks, iPad tablets, Air Pods, iMac, Apple watches and many more.

iShop Ghana deals with In-store shopping, In-store pick-up and delivery as well.

iShop Ghana Contact

  • Address: Newtown, Kotobabi Rd
  • Phone: +233 24 435 9596


iPLACE is yet another Apple store to mention in Ghana. This is a certified Apple shop that sells anything Apple Laptops, iPhones, iMac, Apple watch and other gadgets. iPLACE deals with In-store shopping, In-store pick-up and delivery to your location in Accra.

iPLACE Contact

  • Address: Main oxford street, Adjacent Barclays Bank Osu R.E, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 26 331 6371

Motherland Apple Shop

ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana has given you more on the list of Apple Stores in Ghana, and Motherland Apple Shop is part of the Apple certified Shops in Ghana. The company deals in all Apple gadgets such as; iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Air Pod, iMac and services.

Motherland Apple Shop Contact

  • Address: Motherand Apple Shop is located near City Light, Kokomlemle, Accra – Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 243044557

iOrigin Apple Office

iOrigin Apple Office is known to be your trusted source for iPhone and Apple devices services and repair in Ghana — you can visit for all your Apple device services. At iOrigin Apple Office they mean Business in such that, you can get Free Diagnostic & Estimates and more, finding out what the problem is, or how much it costs to fix should never cost you, and others.

iOrigin Apple Office Contact

Find your nearest iOrigin Apple Office Centre. With two stores in Accra: Agobogba-Ashohman and Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

  • Address: opp. Kbees Pub & Grill, Agbogba – Ashongman Rd, Accra
  • Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM Opens 12AM Thu
  • Phone: 030 255 5475
  • Website:

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