Do you Want to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly? Follow Pro Methods

By | February 9, 2021

I believe your computer is slow and you may want to keep it running on a faster and smooth nature.

Computers are everywhere. Over the years computers have become the sole support to deal with our day-to-day work. From personal computers to supercomputers, technology has changed permanently, with the invention of computer systems. What we will be focusing on today are personal computers.

Personal computers are great devices on which you accomplish all your tasks, whether it be for entertainment purposes or work purposes. But, what if the computer you are using suddenly starts to behave abnormally, or become so slow that you can’t even open a presentation.

Now, that’s a real difficulty for every computer user. And, when we say computer users, we mean both PC users and laptop users. Therefore, today we are going to give you some useful tips on how you can keep your computer running smoothly.

Run your PC Smoothly- Tips Directly from the Experts.

Just like other electronic devices, computers also need maintenance. Otherwise, they will start to behave differently. What we are going to discuss today is some suggestions on how to keep your computer running smoothly. That means we won’t be covering any particular issue.

Hence, in case you are having trouble with your computer lately, then we recommend you to pay a visit to the nearest computer repair center for further assistance. Here are some useful tips and suggestions that will help you to keep your computer up and running smoothly.

1. Keep your PC up-to-date

It does not matter which operating system you are using, because this point goes for any operating system you work on, be it Windows OS or macOS. Keeping the operating system of your computer workable is very much important.

The main nervous system of your computer depends on the version of the operating system you are using. Apart from that, the installation of new software and applications also depends upon the version of the OS you are using.

The most important advantage of an updated OS is security support. In case, you are using an outdated version of the installed OS, then my friend, you are at risk and might be the next victim of any kind of cyber-attack. Moreover, you will experience low speed and lagged frames.

Therefore, now you know how much it is important to keep your computer system updated in order to make the computer run smoothly. In case, you do not know how to update your OS. Just go to the settings and search for “updates”. You will be good to go.

2. Delete or Uninstall all the Unused Programs

Let’s just be honest here. All of us install various programs on our computer system. And, the fun part is that we don’t even use the majority of those programs. Now, that’s a bad habit.

Unused programs do not only slow down a computer but can also eat up a lot of unnecessary memory space. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to keep your computer optimized and clean.

We recommend that you should remove every unused application, programs, and software right now from your computer. And trust us, you will be able to see the difference by yourself.

To uninstall any program from your computer, just navigate to the Control Panel, then to Programs and Features. There you will find a list of programs installed on your computer. From there select the programs you don’t use at all and uninstall them right away.

This is a great and effective way to speed up your computer. Try it and you will know it.

3. Defragment your Hard Drive often

Sometimes uninstallation of programs does not remove the files completely from your computer. As a result, they remain inside your hard drive and eat up storage spaces.

For example, suppose you uninstalled a program, but when you returned back to the drive where it was installed you see that a folder is still there with the name of the program. These are known as fragmented files.

These files do not go away from your hard drive and can slow down your system. That is why we recommend that you should defragment your hard drive periodically. This will help you to keep your hard drive clean and your computer will also stay healthy.

4. Keep Your Computer Safe from Malware

Malware is a very clever virus. They have the ability to clone themselves with some other system files and stay in your computer forever. The longer the malware stays the harder it will be for you to remove it.

Malware has the potential not only to slow your computer down but also to harm your system from inside. Therefore, if you see that everything is fine with your computer, but still it runs slow, then it might be because some malware files are there which the antivirus is failing to detect.

There are various versions and types of antivirus programs, available in the market. Just go through the consumer reviews, and buy the best one suited for you. We highly recommend that everyone should keep at least one antivirus client on their computer.

Though sometimes they fail to detect malware, most of the time antivirus software is of great help to protect your computer from trackers, cyberattacks, and viruses. Running daily or weekly scans will ensure that your system is fine and gives optimum performance.

5. Create a Proper Backup

As we have discussed earlier that a computer system is just like any other electronic device. That means it is very normal if your computer suddenly shuts off or hangs. But, what is not normal is you not keeping a backup of your files and data.

Whether your computer is at its best health or running slowly, you should never ever forget to take a backup of your data. When you are working with an electronic device, you never know what’s going to happen. So, prevention is always better than cure.

Suppose you face a problem, where you have to format the entire system, in order to make the system workable again. In these kinds of situations, backups are the most important asset you will have with yourself. So, keep a backup of everything that’s there on your system.

6. Perform a System Restore

System Restore is an option included in every operating system. In case your computer starts to run slow or behave abnormally, then by using this option you can restore the system to the point when it was running just fine.

The best part of using a system restore is that it will not affect your saved files and will also undo all the negative changes you have made from that date. Therefore, this is a very useful point for you, in case you are experiencing a system slow down.


Computers are meant to be used vigorously and constantly. That’s why engineers are working very hard to upgrade the technology continuously in order to give the end-user a great user experience.

Slowing down of a computer can occur due to several reasons, but there are several options too, to rectify that reason. Therefore in case, your computer is not running properly, then feel free to use the above-mentioned tips and suggestions to make your computer faster and smoother.

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