How to Write Digital Career Manifesto For The Year

By | March 13, 2023

Learn how to write a digital career manifesto for this year in simple steps. Writing a manifesto that will help propel your career to higher heights is what you should know.

Basically, every professional or entrepreneur has at a point in time thought about writing a manifesto. Usually, most people believe writing manifestos are just for politicians and entrepreneurs. That is not the case. As long as you have a career to persuade, you need a manifesto.

Writing a digital manifesto is not that difficult. But you first have to understand the concept behind your manifesto and what you want to achieve with it. Making it digital will make it accessible to you and easy to share with others.

What is a career manifest?

A career manifest is an action-oriented writeup that is meant to help guide you through your career. This write-up should help you understand why it is very important that you persuade that particular career.

It should contain the absolute motivation behind the reasons why you decided to persuade that particulate career. There must also be your goals and inspirations in there.

How to Write Digital Career Manifesto

There is no general way of writing a manifesto since we are all unique and have unique ideas and goals. However, I give you some simple clues that will help you get the best out of your manifesto. Check the points I outlined below.

  • When writing a manifesto, the goals you will set must be goals that are very necessary that you must achieve. For instance, do not set simple goals like; “I want to buy a Bugatti and build a mansion“.
    Your career manifesto is supposed to contain your absolute goal and the reason why it is important to achieve that goal. For instance; “I need to build a house of my own so I can have my privacy and a place to raise my own family” and/ or “I also need to buy a car this year so I can easily move from home to work“.
  • Only include what you need in your manifesto rather than what you want.
  • You should also know that a manifesto is not supposed to have a specific length. A manifesto could be as long as 10 pages long and it could be as short as half a page. It all depends on the person writing it.

Above are some of the points you should consider when writing your manifesto. Now that you know, let us look at why you must write a digital manifesto.

Why digital manifesto?

Manifesto itself is supposed to guide you through your career and that is why you need it so you will not go off track. The reason why you have to make it digital is to help make it easily available when you need it.

Usually, we turn to our phones often and if your manifesto is digital, it means you can have it on your phone. It also means any time you pick up your phone, you can easily get access to your manifesto, and reading your manifesto at least twice a week is very important to keep you on track.

When your manifesto is digital, it is very easy to share with other people. These are some of the reasons why you must make your manifesto

Tools you need

To write digital career manifesto, you will need certain digital tools to make it possible.

Usually, any document editor should be enough to help you create the best manifesto you need. By document editor, I mean Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or similar applications.

Another tool that can also help you write an awesome digital manifesto is “Canva”. It is a free graphic and document editing application. I wrote a previous article about Canva so you can check it out to learn more.

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