The Five Eyes Surveillance And Why You Should Worry About Them

By | March 13, 2023

Do you know you are being spied on by Five Eyes Surveillance? Basically, there is no information that is hidden from this particular security agency.

The right to privacy is a right that every individual in this world must enjoy. In fact, it is everybody’s constitutional right. Immediately someone interferes with your private communications or anything that you do in private, your right has been abused.

Five Eyes Surveillance is one of the organizations you should worry about if you really want privacy.

What is Five Eyes Surveillance?

The Five Eyes Surveillance (FVEY) is an Intelligence Alliance that came into existence after World War II. The purpose of this alliance is to share what is known as “Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)”.

A basic understanding of the purpose simply means the alliance will spy on the citizens via communication signals and share the information gathered among themselves. That is basically what this alliance is meant to do.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States formed this alliance so they can share intelligence among themselves. This cooperative intelligence network has been around since 1941.

How they work

Since there are privacy laws that govern spying on people in every country, the countries that joined the FVEY spy on each other’s citizens. For instance, the UK government spying on UK citizens is illegal so Australia or any other FVEY member country will spy on UK citizens and share the intelligence gathered.

The spying is done using online trackers or by tapping citizens’ phones illegally.

The are also 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes Surveillance Alliances and they all employ this same method of spying on citizens to gather intelligence.

What you can do to avoid being spied on

Knowing that you are being spied on is a good thing. As the saying goes; “A problem known is half solved”.

The most important thing is to block the mediums through which you are being spied on. One of those mediums is the internet. To try to avoid being spied on is like stopping yourself from using mobile phones and the internet as a whole.

When it comes to phone calls, I do not believe there is any way you could prevent yourself from being spied on. This is because it is possible that most of the spying is done from your service provider’s end.

For internet surfing, using a VPN or other proxy services to hide your online identity should be enough to prevent being spied on. But can VPN really protect you?

Will VPN protect you from Five Eyes Surveillance?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is believed to be a technology that encrypts your connection to the internet in order to hide your online identity. VPNs also come with a server routing technology that spoofs your location to make your IP appear to be from a different location than your real location.

VPNs work just like the way Internet Service Providers (ISPs) work. Most VPN service providers are registered companies with servers registered across different countries.

If you actually take your time to think about it properly how VPNs work as well as how the “FVEY” gathers intelligence, you will realize the VPN can just do a little. This is not to say VPNs are not secured.

The problem is the government which of course is part of the FVEY can just walk to your VPN service provider’s office and request your logs. It is that simple.

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