How to Win Bet in Ghana

Betting has become part of most Ghanaian youths; due to the unemployment rate, many people are taking the risk of getting into many risky activities, hoping to bring them some returns at the end of the day, including soccer betting. A large percentage of youths in the country are exposed to football betting. This leads to a popular question: how to win a bet in Ghana?

This post will look at things you can do to win consistently in the betting game. However, we do not guarantee that you will surely will. Remember, betting is a game of chance and will not advise you to use an amount you can not afford to lose for betting.

Although betting is mostly by luck, there are some things you need to do right to be a consistent winner. All tipsters have their techniques or methods, and some do not believe in luck at all. That is what we are going to look at in this article.

Learn Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a sure bet strategy that some people make their money from betting. Remember, by doing this, and you may get your account banned by bookmakers when they notice your activities.

In Ghana, we have many betting companies, each of these companies have their own opinion on each match. This leads to a change in the odds placed on each team. Betting arbitrage is electing two bookmakers who have different views on a game with different odds. This is calculated by looking for arbitrage opportunities. There is more to finding arbitrage opportunities, and it involves a lot of work, but once you discover one, you have no chance of losing. Learn more about arbitrage betting here.

Know Your Statistics and Analysis

Never bet on a team without checking for their strength and their previous match. Don’t risk a chance by placing your bet randomly. Make a lot of comparison and analysis before placing your bets. The kinds of players playing, the number of defenders and how good they are, midfielders and their performances, and how good the goalkeepers are.

Also, you have to look at the previous matches and see their wins and losses—the number of matches between their opponent and the outcome. You need to make a lot of analysis for the potentials of each team.

Keep Your MultiBets List Short

We often look at the odds of a long list of multi-bets to miss our chances of winning. The return of multi-bets, when won, is awesome, but the chance of winning all matches is less. Instead of betting tens of matches at once, I will advise you to divide them into reasonable numbers because it is heartbreaking when one team out of 30 teams spoils your bet. 

Know Your Mathematics

Please apply a little mathematics to your bets and team selections. If you are good at Math, then use your probability knowledge, standard deviations, and others. Spend time to calculate the chances of winning.


A great tipster on prediction sites combines all the above skills to bet profitably. You don’t need to guess on teams or make random selections, or just looking at the team with the smallest odd or highest odd. If you do that, your chances of losing are very high. Instead, spend time to find winning potentials in each match before placing your bets.


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