How to Use the Presenter View in Google Slides

By | April 18, 2023

While your audience is limited to the current slide, Presenter View in Google Slides gives you access to your presentation along with speaker notes, a timer, and a preview of upcoming slides. This function can assist you in giving a better and more competent presentation, keeping your timing on schedule, and maintaining the organisation of your speaker notes.

We will go over how to use Google Slides’ Presenter View in this article.

How to Use the Presenter View in Google Slides

Follow the steps listed below to understand how to use the presenter view in Google slides very well.

Step 1: Launch your presentation in Google Slides.

The Google Slides presentation you want to present must first be opened. If you haven’t previously done so, you can make a presentation by visiting to the Google Slides site and selecting Blank or From template to start from scratch.

Step 2: Enter Presenter View

Tap the Present button in the top right corner of the screen to switch to Presenter View. Your presentation will launch in full-screen mode as a result.

Step 3: Navigate to Presenter View

Click the Presenter View button in the bottom right corner of the screen after your presentation is in full-screen mode. By pressing this, Presenter View, a separate window that shows your presentation together with speaker notes, a timer, and a sneak peek of upcoming slides, will be opened.

Step 4: Customise the Presenter View Settings

You can customise Presenter View in a number of ways to create a better presentation. Tap on the gear icon in the Presenter View window’s upper right corner to view these settings. From this point, you can modify the timer’s colour, the font size and style of your speaker notes, and if you want to display the preview of next slides.

Step 5: Use the clock and slide previews

You can stay on task and maintain the seamless flow of your presentation with the help of Presenter View, which has a timer and a preview of upcoming slides. When you go to Presenter View, the timer will automatically start and show the amount of time that has passed in minutes and seconds. The next slide in your presentation will be displayed in the preview of upcoming slides so you can get ready for the change.

Step 6: Use speaker notes

Speaker notes, which are private notes that only you can see, are also included in a portion of Presenter View. Select Speaker Notes from the View menu to add speaker notes to your presentation. By doing so, a panel at the bottom of the screen will open, allowing you to type your notes there. Additionally, you may add bullets and numbering, format your notes with bold, italic, and underlining, and more.

 Step 7: Manage Your Presentation

You can manage your presentation using a number of tools in Presenter View without leaving full-screen mode. Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen to access these tools. You can use these buttons to advance to the prior and subsequent slides, pause and resume your presentation, and end it.

Step 8: close Presenter View

Once your presentation is over, click the X in the top right corner of the window to close Presenter View. By doing this, Presenter View will close and the Google Slides editor will reopen.

Tips for Using Google Slides’ Presenter View

Maintain Focus by Using the Timer: The timer in Presenter View can help you maintain focus and make sure that your presentation is finished on schedule. Prior to giving your presentation, practise it so you are aware of how much time to allot for each slide.

Customise Your Speaker Notes: Use Presenter View’s customization features to make your speaker notes easier to read and better organised. Your notes will be easier to understand if they are formatted with bullet points.

A seamless presentation flow can be achieved by planning the transitions between slides and using Presenter View’s preview of incoming slides to do so. Before switching to the following slide, take a moment to review it.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Presenter View offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can make it easier for you to move about your presentation. Here are a few helpful abbreviations:

Spacebar: Go to the following slide
Spacebar and Shift: Return to the prior slide
Esc: Close the full-screen mode
Alt + S: Launch the speaker notes window
Alt + T: Activate the timer panel.
Use an additional monitor: If you have access to a second monitor, you can utilise it to show Presenter View while keeping the presentation slides hidden from your audience. This is an excellent method to keep your timer and speaker notes visible as you perform your presentation.

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