How To Print Presentations In Google Slides

By | April 18, 2023

 Printing a presentation in Google Slides, which is a simple process to make real prints of your slides for distribution or reference 

If you want to know more about how you can print in Google slides, you will find it below in this article.

Getting to Printing Options

In Google Slides, select Print from the File menu to view the print options. With this, you may access the print settings window and change a number of print-related options.

Selecting the Specific Number of Copies

The quantity of copies you want to print can be selected in the print options window. You have the option of printing one copy, several copies, or a variety of copies. After deciding on the quantity, press the Print button to begin printing.

Choosing a printer

Verify that you have chosen the correct printer before you begin printing. You can choose the printer you’d like to use from the drop-down menu in the print settings window if your computer is linked to numerous printers. Additionally, you have the option of printing to a PDF or saving the presentation as a PDF file.

If there isn’t a printer listed on the menu, you’ll need to add one using the equipment configuration function. These steps can be used to do this:

  • OS Windows 10: Select Printers and Scanners under Devices in the Start menu under Configuration.
  • Win 7 or Win 8: Add a printer by going to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound. Printer can be added via a network, wifi, or Bluetooth.

If the printer is still not listed after following the above configuration instructions, verify whether your computer is wired or wirelessly linked to the printer. Check the printer’s instructions to make sure you have the tools and connecting path required.

Selecting a Page Range

In the print options window, you can select the page range if you just want to print a subset of your presentation’s pages. You have the option to print every page, a selection of pages, or a single page. Enter the beginning and ending page numbers, followed by a hyphen, to print a range of pages. Input the page numbers, separated by commas, to print only those pages.

To choose whether to print the entire presentation or just a few of its pages, To print the whole presentation:
Click on Pages and select All.

To print only certain slides:
Click on Pages and select Custom.

Making Paper Size and Orientation Selections

You may choose the paper size and orientation for your printed presentation in the print options box as well. In most cases, the default paper size is set to letter size (8.5″ x 11″), although you can also select A4 or legal. For your printed presentation, you can also select the orientation (portrait or landscape).

Selecting whether to print in colour or black and white

Your presentation can be printed in either colour or black & white. Choose the Colour option in the print options box if you have a colour printer and wish to print in colour. You can use the Black and white option if you want to save money on ink or toner or if your printer can only print in black and white.

A Presentation Preview

In the print options window, you can view a preview of your presentation before printing. This enables you to make any necessary edits by seeing how the slides will appear when printed. To move through the slides, utilise the arrows at the bottom of the preview window.

 Printing Options

Google Slides has various printing choices that you can tailor to your needs in addition to the default print settings. Some of these choices consist of:

Printing on both sides of the page can save you paper if your printer is capable of doing so.

  • Open your Google Slides presentation to get started.
  • Press File and then Print.
  • More settings → Two-sided.
  • Select Print from the menu.
  • Collate: If you are printing numerous copies, this option makes sure that the pages are printed in the right sequence.
  • Scale: Using this option, you can change the presentation’s size so that it will fit on the page. You have the option of specifying a specific scaling percentage or scaling to fit the paper.
  • Margins: To guarantee that the material is centred and readable in your printed presentation, you can change the margins.

Finally, printing presentations with Google Slides is a quick and easy process that only needs a few clicks. You may build printed presentations that appear professional and clearly communicate your idea by personalising the print settings and options. Make sure you have chosen the appropriate printer and paper size, preview the presentation before printing, and make any necessary corrections.

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