How Much Power Does An Xbox One Use?

By | January 4, 2023

How much power does an Xbox one use? This is one question you must find answers to even before you purchase an Xbox One.

Knowing how much power your console consumes is very important. This will help you keep track of the appliances that are keeping your bills up. It will also help you manage your energy consumption.

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How Much Power Does An Xbox One Use?

Basically, the Xbox One is believed to draw between 70 to 120 watts of electricity when in use. However, when playing high graphics and processor-demanding games, the console could be drawing up to 180 watts.

The statics show that the new generation gaming consoles like the Xbox One, Series S, X and PS 4, and 5 draw more power than the earlier versions of these consoles.

New generation consoles draw more power because of their technical specifications. All the upgraded components demand a little bit more power to function.

The games we play these days are also of very high resolution which demands more power from the graphics card and the process. All these components need more power to meet their demand.

Electricity usage of game consoles made a simple consumption table for the various gaming console. Take a look at the table and see how much energy each of the consoles consumes. You also get to see which console consumes more power.

Xbox Series X45-220*
Xbox Series S25-100
Nintendo Switch10-18
PS4 Pro75-160*
PS4 Slim55-110
Xbox One X65-180*
Xbox One S35-90
Xbox One70-120
Wii U35
PS3 Slim85
PS3 Original190
Xbox 360 S90
Xbox 360 Original180
Playstation Classic2.3-2.5
NES Classic Edition2.3-2.5
SNES Classic Edition2.3-2.5

If your question is; “How much power does an Xbox One use?” Then you have your answers right there in the table above. Let us take a quick look at how we can control consumption.

How to reduce the energy consumption of gaming consoles

There are many things that you can do to prevent your gaming console from consuming too much energy.

Knowing which actions consume the most energy will help you know how to control the consumption.

  • If your console is in play, that is when it consumes the most energy. So the best way to tackle energy consumption is to reduce play hours. Giving your console a few days’ breaks should not be difficult. Right?
  • You should also shut down your console instead of putting it in standby mode. When your console is on standby, it does not consume much electricity but the truth is it still consumes something.
  • Connect to the internet only when you need it. Else, turn off all wireless or cable internet connections. The longer you stay on the internet, the more your console consumes electricity.


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How many watts does an Xbox one use?

The Xbox One uses between 70 to 120 watts when in play. The Xbox One S uses between 35 to 90 watts while the Xbox One X uses between 65 to 180 watts.
In all, you will realize that the Xbox One X consumes more power than the rest.

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