How To Undervolt Vega 64 Graphic Card

If you want to undervolt Vega 64 graphic card, read this article first. There are some important procedures you must follow in order to do this successfully.

I have been writing about games and how to increase the speed of your PC for better gaming. If you have not read it yet, I have written something about how to use AMD’s FreeSync with Nvidia graphic card.

Undervolting and Overclocking are some of the things many gamers do with the aim of increasing graphical performance and also reducing current flow. If you own Radeon RX Vega 64 graphic card, then undervolting is quite important.

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What is undervolting?

Undervolting is a technique used in electronics with the aim of reducing the amount of current that is supplied to components but still maintaining performance.

This technique or procedure will reduce the flow of current. However, sometimes it can cause some problems to the device when not done well. Undervolting is usually done by PC users for CPU and GPU to help reduce current flow but still maintain system performance.

Another thing computer users usually do is reverse the undervolting technique. Instead of reducing the current, it is rather increased to give the component higher capabilities beyond the normal. This procedure is also known as overclocking.

How To Undervolt Vega 64

You must own a Radeon RX Vega 64 graphic card before you can go through this procedure. Follow the procedure below to undervolt Vega 64 graphic cards.

  • If you have your Radeon drivers installed, right-click on your desktop and select Radeon Settings. Click on the Gaming tab and Global settings. Click on the Global WattMan tab to open WattMan which is the main software for this settings.
  • After opening the WattMan, all the settings you do there will affect the performance of your graphic card. So it is very important that do not overdo anything. All the settings I will put below are what worked for someone else and are not guaranteed settings.
  • First, download 3DMark and use the application to test your performance and take note of the scores before you proceed with the steps below. You can also download Heaven Benchmark, a UNIGINE Company software that works similarly to the 3DMark. In fact, most users recommend Heaven Benchmark since it allows you to use it in Window mode.

Settings in WattMan

WattMan settings are not fixed so what might work for you might not work for another person. The settings you must look at are as follows.

  • Set the power limit to +50% and reduce the voltage on P6 to 1000mv. Reduce voltage on P7 1100mv as well. Star off clocks P6 at 1450mhz and P7 at 1550mhz and gradually increase until you see improvement.
  • While you do this, make sure you test with 3DMark while you tune the voltage every few times before you continue. Also, compare the scores with the previous test to make sure your settings are working.
  • You will also have hbm voltages that you have to tune. Tune p1 to p5 as well and always check with 3DMark to make sure everything is working fine as you tune. Tune the GPU until you have the best and most stable performance possible.

How To Undervolt Vega 64 FAQs

What voltage does Vega 64 use?

The Vega 64 graphic card uses an average of 1v. However, due to changes in performance configurations, the current can exceed 1v in overvolting and below that in undervolting. Most of these depend on how the user configures their graphic card settings.

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