UCC E-Learning Portal: How To Access The UCC Online Learning Platform 2022

By | April 8, 2022

This is the very useful guide on how average University of Cape Coast (UCC) students can access their online learning portal — and learn from their comfort zone in Ghana.

Taking a look at how to access the UCC online learning platform (e-learning), the management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has made the agreement to start online learning for all Students of the university.

Students are now granted the access to the online learning platform and start studying their from their various programs according to the statement issued by the SRC of UCC. All the learning resources will be available for students at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Learning Management System (LMS) for their consumption — according to the management.

In today’s article, I would like to walk you through how you can access the UCC Online learning platform — as a student.

How To Access UCC Online Learning Platform

To be able to learn at your comfortable zone — using the online learning management system, kindly follow the steps given below here.

  • Visit the UCC online learning portal, eLearning Portal
  • Login with your Index Number and password on the platform
  • After successful login, access the UCC theoretical courses from the web portal

I believe this article has given you much information and guide you through — how to access and login to the UCC Online learning platform in Ghana. Kindly share if found useful for others to also benefit.

There are some mobile networks that do not demand much data bundle before surfing through the UCC Online learning platform and you can even take online lessons for free via Vodafone Ghana Network.

Frequently Asked Questions About UCC Online Learning Portal

How to access UCC Online Learning Portal

Visit the UCC Online Learning (E- Learning) Platform at https://elearning.ucc.edu.gh/ Login with your index number when required. Access the UCC theoretical courses on the platform. Note that when you access the UCC online learning resources on MTN or Vodafone it access is free of internet charges.

UCC Online Learning Portal Guide

To be able to login to the UCC Online learning portal, you have to follow the guide here; login to the UCC Learning Management System (UCC-LMS), https://elearning.ucc.edu.gh/ and follow the simple steps.

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