How To Turn Off Location On iPhone

By | October 26, 2022

For the typical user, configuring location settings to safeguard your privacy might be difficult and complex.
Location services are disabled throughout your iPhone when you turn them off. To disable find my location on your phone from monitoring and protecting battery life, this can be of great help but it comes with its own challenges. 
In this guide, we will be looking at how to customize each iPhone location sharing to equip you to know the kind of settings you will go for. 

How To Turn Off Location On iPhone

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off location sharing to stop sharing your location with any apps or services, even temporarily.

This prevents any app on your device from using your location, including Maps. If you disable Location Services, no one will be informed, but some functions might not operate as intended.

Disable Location for Specific Apps

Only a few apps can access your location information. Select the apps you want to utilize location services for from the list at the bottom of the screen by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Disable Location With Certain People

Stop letting a specific individual know where you are. Press the People tab in the Find My app, choose a person, and then tap Stop Sharing My Location at the bottom of the screen.

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