How To Turn Off Likes On Instagram

By | October 26, 2022

Some tech companies have made an attempt to lessen the negative effects of their platforms as more information about the connection between social media use and poor mental health outcomes in people keeps growing at an alarming rate. 

The like count on posts can now be hidden or revealed for all users on Instagram. That indicates that a few users are listed together with the phrase “and others” rather than the standard numerical value that is often displayed beneath a photo.
On Instagram, hiding your like count is simple, reversible, and in some circumstances, it might improve how you use the platform. This is the procedure.

How To Turn Off Likes On Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app, and then tap the account symbol in the bottom right to see your account page.
  • Select Settings from the three-line menu in the top right.
  • Type “posts” into the search box at the top of the Settings page, then tap Posts when it appears in the list of search results.
  •  To enable Hide Like and View Counts, drag the button to the right in the Likes and Views area and tap on the Hide likes.

How to hide likes on your own Instagram After A Post Has Been Published  

After a post has been uploaded, the like count display can still be turned off.

  •  Go to the post you wish to conceal likes from.
  •  Click the top-right three-dot menu.
  • Choose Hide like count from the pop-up menu.

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