How To Turn Off Caps Lock On Chromebook

By | October 26, 2022

Since they are so different from regular laptops, adapting to a chromebook can be challenging at first. The Search or Launcher button, sometimes known as the Everything Button, is one feature that takes some warming up to.

The usual Caps Lock key, which many new users find confusing, has been replaced by this button. Because using Caps Lock requires a bit more effort, turning it off also requires a little more effort.

This post will demonstrate two quick ways to activate or deactivate Chromebooks’ Caps Lock key.

How To Turn Off Caps Lock On Chromebook

With a Chromebook keyboard, there are two ways to switch on caps lock. They are

  •  Using the keyboard shortcut 
  •  Changing some functions of the keyboard in the settings,

 Using the keyboard shortcut 

Hold down ALT and the search key

 A notification message will appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen informing you that Caps lock is turned on.

 Changing some functions of the keyboard in the Chromebook settings

If you frequently use Caps Lock, you may completely alter the behavior of the Search key and make it a Caps Lock key. In that instance, turning on and off Caps Lock is accomplished by just tapping the key.

You can reassign keys on Chromebooks to carry out different actions. To make the search button into Caps Lock, follow the procedures listed below.

  1. Click Settings from your app drawer.

As an option, you can use the search box to look for the Settings app.

  1. Go to the Device section by scrolling down.
  2. Click Keyboard to get a list of keys you can manipulate.
  1. To receive a list of keys you can change, select the Keyboard option.
  2. Choose the Search or Launcher key. Caps Lock can be chosen by clicking the drop-down menu. The search key on your Chromebook will now function as Caps Lock.
    Caps Lock is activated by pressing the key, and it is deactivated by pressing the key once more.

You’ll need to either remap a different key or go to the Chromebook’s Shelf and utilize the search or launcher feature there.

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